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About us

We provide our members with knowledge and guidance based on the highest ethical and technical standards. We shape opinion, understanding and delivery to ensure the highest standards in business and in the public interest.

What we do

Helping you do business with confidence.


What we do

Helping you do business with confidence.

Autumn Statement 2015

Find out more about ICAEW's Autumn Statement 2015 activity.

Act in the public interest

As a professional membership organisation, we believe in acting responsibly, in the best interests of our members and the general public. We are responsible for protecting the public by ensuring that members maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and competence.

Economic Insight

Quarterly reports which provide useful insight for finance professionals and their clients.

ICAEW Technical Releases

ICAEW Technical Releases are a source of good practice guidance on technical and practice issues.

Thought leadership

Our thought leadership shapes government thinking on regulatory policy.

Work for us

You’ll have the chance to work in a role that will challenge and stretch you.

More info

Find a chartered accountant

Find a chartered accountant is the official online directory of over 21,000 ICAEW firms.


ICAEW firms

Find a chartered accountant is the official online directory of over 21,000 ICAEW firms.

Member search

You can now verify an individual ICAEW member using our online search tool.


The latest news and views from ICAEW, plus press office contacts.


Press releases

The latest press releases issued by ICAEW and an archive of older releases.

Press office contacts

Contact details for members of the ICAEW press and media teams around the world.

Public policy

We draw on the expertise of our members to assist policymakers.



Ethical and sustainable business.

Skills and social mobility

ICAEW supports people, from every part of society, to become tomorrow's business leaders.

International leadership

ICAEW provides international leadership that shapes the future of accountancy and finance.


Promoting dialogue and debate.

Autumn Statement 2015

Find out more about ICAEW's Autumn Statement 2015 activity.

Where we are

We support more than 144,000 chartered accountants around the world.


Where we are

Find out more about the member services, training opportunities and ICAEW activity in your region.

UK regions

Your local point of contact and an easy route into becoming actively engaged with ICAEW.


We engage on EU policy issues and offer access to our portfolio of qualifications and services.

Economic Insight: Africa

A quarterly forecast for the region prepared directly for the finance profession.

South East Asia

More about our qualifications and what we do for our members in South East Asia.

Who we are

A world leading professional membership organisation.


Who we are

We provide leadership and practical support to over 144,000 members in more than 160 countries.

Charter and bye-laws

All that ICAEW does and is responsible for is defined by its Royal Charter.


Our committees are one of the ways that members can become involved with ICAEW.


The Council is ICAEW’s supreme governing body, responsible for oversight of its activities.

AGM 2014

ICAEW's Annual and Special meetings was held on Tuesday 3 June 2014 at 11.00 BST, at Chartered Accountants' Hall.

ICAEW related parties

A list of all the subsidiaries and associate companies of the ICAEW.

Who we work with

Building long-term relationships with successful organisations.


Accountancy bodies

We have strong relationships with many accountancy bodies across a number of key territories.


Working with employers giving them the professional training needed for their brightest people


Our leadership is built on our ability to shape and influence thinking on industry issues


ICAEW recognises individuals and businesses who can truly be described as excellent.

Tuition providers

Working in partnership to foster the highest levels of technical expertise and best practice