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What we do

Helping you do business with confidence.

Annual review 2014

Watch our two-minute review and ask ICAEW a question.

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Annual review 2016

In many ways, 2016 was a year of surprises. The outcome of events such as the UK referendum and the US presidential election created uncertainty in a world just returning to stability 10 years after the start of the financial crisis.

Summer Budget 2015

Find out more about ICAEW's Summer Budget 2015 activity.

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Business confidence monitor

Access the latest Business Confidence Monitor (BCM), BCM archive and Economic Insight.


About the BCM

The BCM has been running for over 13 years and has built up an extensive dataset on business confidence, financial performance and the challenges to business performance of the credit crunch, recession and recovery.

Economic Insight

Quarterly reports on the economy which provide useful insight for finance professionals and their clients.

Economic insight

Quarterly reports providing useful insight for finance professionals.


One Moorgate Place

A beautiful and historic venue in the heart of London.


Our business facilities

Offering members a modern space in central London to meet and work in.

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Our facilities

Chartered Accountants’ Hall, which is also known as One Moorgate Place, offers a range of facilities, including elegant function rooms and the Business Centre, which offers members and their guests a modern space in central London to meet, eat and work in.


What will the business environment look like in three decades?

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The ICAEW BusinessFutures project looks at challenges facing businesses over the coming decades and how businesses should react.