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Data-sharing ethics should be a priority, says ICAEW

Thursday 9 February 2017, Commenting on the Government Transformation Strategy announced today, Kirstin Gillon, ICAEW IT Faculty Technical Manager said:

“While ethics will be in the remit of the Chief Data Officer, it is vital that this is recognised as a priority. The strategy lacks detail surrounding data sharing ethics, this is something that should be addressed.  A huge part of this change will involve handling sensitive data in  ways that people are comfortable with. Despite the benefits of data sharing, this can only be achieved if there is public trust.

“The appointment of a Chief Data Officer is a positive step, it shows leadership and demonstrates that there will be expertise within the role. The ability to work across departments smoothly is going to test the success of the role as much of the value of data comes from sharing it. Cross-department collaboration will be crucial.

"The strategy recognises that  a massive cultural change is needed to reap the benefits of digital technology. Steps have been made in the right direction, however there is more work to be done.”

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