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Public appointment for ICAEW Southern President

ICAEW Southern President, Richard Cartwright has been appointed to one of the new government panels tasked with helping to shape the future of technical education in the UK.

ICAEW Southern President, Richard Cartwright

He is joining the accountancy panel, chaired by Maura Sullivan, Managing Drector and CFO of International Wealth Management UK, along with partners and executives from a range of firms, senior managers from professional accounting bodies and academics.

In this role Richard will be helping to create T levels, the new technical qualifications equivalent to A levels that are intended to help young people attain the world class skills employers need. The panel’s work will facilitate the transformation of full and part time college-based courses into high quality technical education options, which fit sensibly alongside reformed apprenticeships and lead up to the highest levels of education and training.

Richard said: 'Being passionate about education, I am delighted and highly honoured to have been appointed and look forward to contributing at a national level.'