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The Hardman Lecture archive

Philip Hardman was senior tax partner at Grant Thornton and a founder member of the Tax Faculty in 1991. A leading figure in the world of tax, respected and admired not only for his technical knowledge and vision but also for the panache and humour with which he presented, Philip died unexpectedly in January 1993 and an annual lecture series was established the same year to perpetuate his memory.

Annual Dinner Speech 4 March 2014

ICAEW President Martyn Jones talks about how the profession can address youth unemployment, through improving employability skills and opportunities for young people from all backgrounds.

Arthur Bailey’s Inaugural speech

Arthur Bailey, new President of ICAEW for 2014-15 took office on 4 June. This was his first speech as President, where he discussed the relevance of the Accountancy profession to business and society, and the work ICAEW will be doing on the future of the profession in the year ahead.

Martyn Jones farewell speech

Martyn Jones President of ICAEW for 2013-14 made his farewell speech to an ICAEW family audience at Chartered Accountants’ Hall in June.

Hardman Lecture 2013

Paul Aplin, Chairman of the faculty’s Technical Committee and partner at AC Mole & Sons: A Better Tax System?

What can private equity do for Cyprus

Nearly 200 people attended the recent Corporate Finance roadshow in Cyprus to explore the topic 'What can private equity do for Cyprus?' The general consensus from the panel was quite a lot, if the country can attract more investors.

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