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Policy events

Promoting dialogue and debate.

City influence: the big questions'

City influence: The big questions

ICAEW, City of London Corporation and Public Affairs News

Four years on from the financial crisis, the City continues to face huge challenges over its role and reputation in a global economy. With a wave of new regulations, reputational damage through LIBOR and public concern around City pay, the role of corporate and public affairs professionals in the City has never been more important in ensuring informed, transparent and rigorous policy making.

But with reforms around greater transparency in the work of these professionals, and changes in parliamentary processes, how will the role of those in City corporate and public affairs change? Will they need to adapt, and if so how?

In January 2013 ICAEW, City of London Corporation and Public Affairs News launched City influence: The big questions to respond to those challenges, a series of events to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the City.

Whether you work in-house, for an agency, campaign group, or are just interested in the debate, please join us for discussion, networking and drinks on issues that are central to the City’s reputation and influence in the UK and across the world.   


Ethical City lobbying: What does it mean?
Wednesday 16 January, 18:30 for 18:45, Chartered Accountants Hall (Moorgate)


Francis Ingham (CEO, PRCA)

Iain Anderson (Director and Chief Corporate Counsel, Cicero Consulting)

Harry McAdoo, chair (Director of Communications, ICAEW)

With reforms to promote transparent and ethical lobbying on the horizon, how should corporate and public affairs professionals working in the City combine these new standards, rebuild the reputation of the City and maintain its role as a global financial centre?

Influencing beyond the UK: How much can the City lead the international agenda?
June 2013

As the City rebuilds its global reputation, how much influence will it have in the coming years as regulatory and policy decisions shift to the EU and international bodies? With the south-east Asian economies booming in financial services, how do corporate and public affairs professionals retain the City as a global economic hub?


Reform in parliament and Whitehall: How will the City respond to change in Westminster?
December 2013

With select committees increasing their profiles and influence over policy, and the civil service facing reform, how will corporate and public affairs professionals need to adapt and maintain effective and transparent policy work in Westminster?


For more information on the series please contact Jamuna Murphy on 020 9720 8798 or jamuna.murphy @icaew.com

Parliamentary groups

Business, Finance and Accountancy APPG


ICAEW has been the secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Business, Finance and Accountancy (BFA) since 2006.

The politically neutral group promotes dialogue between Parliament, business and the accountancy profession through policy forums (approximately four a year) in the Houses of Parliament on issues of economic importance. The group brings in contributors from all parties and sectors including voluntary, public and private. It is committed to transparency and reports to parliament as instructed.

The group is chaired by ICAEW member, Iain Wright MP, and made up of cross-party Parliamentarians.

To contact the BFA secretariat please email jamuna.murphy@icaew.com or on +(0)20 7920 8798.

Group funding

ICAEW pays for all costs related to the events the group holds throughout the year. These costs include hire of a room in parliament, food and drink, PA system and an official photographer.  

The total cost of the events held by the group in the 2011/2012 financial year was £4883.70.

8 November 2011: The future of financial regulation: Who decides?

Total cost = £1105.82 (breakfast)

24 January 2012:  Life after Merlin – What next for SME finance?

Total cost = £1430.58 (breakfast)

22 March 2012: Budget 2012 – A Budget for growth?

Total cost = £1822.88 (breakfast)

26 March 2012: Eurozone crisis – How are British businesses responding?

Total cost = £524.42 (lunch)

16 November 2012: Reducing tax avoidance

Total cost = £646.95

16 January 2013: Promoting sectors for growth: A help or hindrance to entrepreneurs?

Total cost = £526.32 

Maths and numeracy APPG


ICAEW has been invited to support a new All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Maths and numeracy, sharing the secretariat role with National Numeracy.

The cross-party group will exist to raise awareness of the vital role that maths and numeracy play in everyone’s life – at every stage of their life.

The group will:

  • provide a forum for debate and dialogue about issues related to numeracy and maths affecting people of all ages;
  • ensure that parliamentarians are well informed about these issues and encourage them to champion the cause both inside and outside parliament;
  • provide a point of reference and a source of information for any parliamentarian wishing to understand further aspects of the subject; and
  • promote effective ways of addressing the numeracy problem and raising skills levels across the UK.

The group is being set-up by Caroline Dinenage, MP for Gosport, who initiated the recent Commons debate on improving levels of adult literacy and numeracy. It will be made up of MPs and peers of all parties.

Support the APPG

This recognition by parliament of the importance of numeracy is a significant development. ICAEW would like as many parliamentarians as possible to join the APPG for maths and mumeracy.

You can support the APPG by writing to your local MP, suggesting they become a member of this important group.

Upcoming events

3 February 2014
Inaugural election of officers
28 February 2014
APPG for maths and numeracy listed on latest edition of Register of APPGs
12 March 2014
Launch of the APPG for maths and numeracy

To contact the secretariat please email jamuna.murphy@icaew.com or on +(0)20 7920 8798.

Past events


ICAEW and Ernst & Young were delighted host a discussion on 'Where next for the fair access to agenda?' The evening gave guests the opportunity to question leading commentators on fair access to the professions and wider business community.

Read the economia opinion pieces on the Liberal Democrat, Labour and Conservative party conferences.

BFA 2013

Where to go when the banks say no  
Finance providers, small businesses and policy experts convene to review access to non-bank finance. .
Better Behaved Banks
Banking Commission member Mark Garnier MP and FCA CEO Martin Wheatley discussed how to alter bank culture.
Rebalancing the economy
Business Secretary Vince Cable discussing ways to re-balance the UK economy
Promoting sectors for growth: A help or hindrance to entrepreneurs?  
BFA breakfast with Rt. Hon Michael Fallon and the Professional Business Services Group

BFA 2012

Reducing tax avoidance
David Gauke MP (Exchequer Secretary) Margaret Hodge MP (Chair, Public Accounts Committee)
2012 AGM Minutes
Associate Parliamentary Group on Business, Finance and Accountancy 2012 AGM minutes
Eurozone crisis: How British businesses are responding?
Phillip Coggan (The Economist), Richard Boxshall (PwC), Robin Feith (ICAEW)
Read the attendee briefing
Budget 2012: A budget for growth?
Owen Smith (Shadow Exchequer Secretary), Sajid Javid (PPS to Chancellor George Osborne) and John Hawksworth (Chief Economist, PwC)
Read the attendee briefing
Life after Merlin: What next for SME finance?  
Mark Hoban MP (Financial Secretary, HM Treasury), Toby Perkins MP (Shadow Minister for Small Business), Stephen Pegge (Director of SME Markets, Lloyds)
Read the attendee briefing

BFA 2011

2011 June AGM
The AGM was held on Wednesday 28 June 2011
The future of UK financial regulation: Who decides?
Clive Briault (Senior adviser on financial regulation, KPMG); Baroness Wheatcroft (Member of the Joint Committee on the draft Financial Services Bill); Jonathan Scheele (Head of the European Commission Representation to the UK)
Read the attendee briefing
Alternative finance for SMEs  
Adrian Bailey MP (Chair, Business, Innovation and Skills Committee); Nigel Toon (CEO, Picochip); Richard Anton (Vice-President, BVCA)
Breaking down the barriers: British Business in the globalised world
Mark Hendrick MP (Chair, APPG China); Mark Bennett (Managing Director UKTI Business Group); John Cooke (Chair, TheCityUK’s LOTIS Committee)