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ACA student training webinars

Regular technical and professional skills development webinars to support ACA students during their training. These webinars are free to attend and will focus on a variety of professional skills development or technical topics.

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2016 student webinars

16 February
Managing different personalities

Join communications and leadership development specialist, Lisa Greenwood as she outlines the seven different personality styles and their strengths, values and communication styles as well as, how to adapt your own style of communication you build rapport with different personality styles.

15 March
Communication across technology

Technology is a huge and growing part of our lives in the workplace and at home. We are joined by Nickie Hawton who looks at the essential skills for communicating using technology and how to be more effective when communicating with colleagues on the phone or in an email.

25 April
Presenting with numbers

Highly experienced trainer, consultant and manager, Jon Harris, shares with us techniques and tips for presenting financial information to colleagues, managers and external partners.

24 May
Effective team working

Communication expert Jennifer MacKay joins us and outlines the key to building and being part of a successful team and overcoming any difficulties.

21 June
Managing upwards

We’re joined by popular speaker and communications expert Jennifer Mackay who outlines why it is sometimes important to ‘manage your boss’ and helps us identify the main styles of managers and how to react to them.

27 July
Managing your online presence

As social media is now a part of almost everyone’s life. Lynn Keddie tells us the dos and don’ts for your online behaviour and explains how you can use LinkedIn as a powerful business media tool.

24 August
Excel skills

Excel expert, David Lyford-Smith looks at techniques and tips that could help improve your performance and ability on Excel.

21 September
Boost your likeability

Commination expert Jennifer MacKay joins us to tell us how to make you more likeable and why such networking skills can support your career development.

26 October
Growth mindset

Lucy Whitehall talks about growth mindset – what it is, how it affects different areas of your life and how to cultivate more of it.

23 November
Understanding how people think

Nickie Hawton tells us how to pick up signals and recognise contrasting thinking styles within the workplace and provides tips on how to adapt to them.

14 December
Technical update - Tax

What has changed in 2016 and what is going to change in 2017 for both personal and corporation tax. Plus we'll analyse a few of the tax related stories which hit the headlines. Registration available soon.