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The ability to communicate at all levels is an incredibly important skill that will stand you in good stead throughout your personal and professional life. This catalogue of webinars focuses on building your oral and written communication skills, including presentation skills.

Webinar recordings

19 January 2011 - Speaking with confidence
Discover the three pillars of great communication: story, status and focus to help you speak with confidence.
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10 February 2011 - Presentation skills
Learn the key elements of success to presenting and develop your presentation skills.
Topics covered:
  • The context of presenting
  • The components of a presentation
  • The importance of planning, preparation and rehearsal
  • The importance of ‘domestics’ eg, lighting, room temperature etc
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03 March 2011 – Effective business writing skills
Key elements of effective business writing and how to improve your written communication
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20 September 2011 - Effective networking
Improve your networking skills – discover how to lead conversations, ask the correct questions and make the right contacts to help you in your career
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19 October 2011 - Improve your client relationship skills
Discover how to build rapport and what it takes to develop stronger relationships with clients
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22 November 2011 - Assertiveness and influence
Learn how to be assertive and how to influence others without causing friction
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19 April 2012 - Improve your negotiation skills
Whether it’s negotiating with your clients, colleagues, managers or negotiating project deliverables, this session will show you key techniques and negotiating styles
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18 July 2012 - How to be a flexible communicator
Learn about the different types of people and how to adapt your communication style to get the best results with each
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20 September 2012 - Persuasion skills
Discover different persuasion tactics and how to make sure you get great results when communicating with colleagues and clients
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October 2012 - Building personal resilience in the workplace
Stress is bad for us, but pressure is a different matter. Not only do we expect pressure, we actually need it. ICAEW and CABA (Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association) bring you a webinar full of practical tips and techniques for stress prevention and building your resilience.
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13 November 2012 - Handling difficult conversations
Learn how to prepare for handling difficult conversations, what you need to consider, different approaches and how to get the results you want
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09 April 2013 - Presentation skills
This 60 minute webinar is designed to boost your ability and confidence to present skilfully. Angus Farr FCA of Training Counts delivers a tutorial to make sure your next presentation is a hit
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20 August 2013 - Effective meeting skills
Many hours are spent in meetings, but rarely do professionals receive training. Find out how to organise, attend and chair both formal or informal meetings.
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08 April 2014 – Networking: How to work a room 
Communication expert Jennifer MacKay joins us to tell us how to work a room, and why networking skills can supports your career development
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19 June 2014 – Write gooder
The skills of report writing, correct sentence structure and attention to detail are important to create credibility with colleagues and clients alike. Improve your business writing skills with this free webinar.
15 July 2014 – The Gramminar
Perfecting your sentence structure and spelling can really add value to your ACA exams, as much as it can help to create credibility with colleagues and clients. Best-selling author and English language expert Alan Barker delivers an essential professional development webinar on using English grammar.
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12 November 2014 – Making the most of yourself: communicating with confidence
We all know that acting confident is easier said than done. In this student training webinar, you'll find out how to do business with confidence and in turn, make your colleagues and clients have confidence in you.
24 March 2015 – Develop Develop your assertiveness
Learn some useful tools and techniques to help you be more assertive in the workplace.
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23 June 2015 – Confidence and credibility
Whether you're in a meeting with clients or delivering a presentation to your management team, it's important that you project confidence and credibility.
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28 July 2015 – Building your resilience in the workplace
Discover the importance of being resilient in the workplace and the key ways in which you can build yours.
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25 August 2015 - Managing challenging situations
Listen to this professional development webinar, as we share top tips on how best to manage and positively engage with difficult situations. 
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15 March 2016 – Communication across technology
Nickie Hawton looks at the essential skills for communicating using technology and how to be more effective when communicating with colleagues on the phone or in an email.

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