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Exercising consideration in the workplace is operating effectively and sustainably while respecting the views, rights and values of others. These resources highlight some of the situations you may face as an ACA student and focus on developing effective behaviours to help you deal with them in an ethical and professional manner.

Webinar recordings

22 June 2017 – Effective listening
As well as being a key life skill, effective listening is something that is expected of every professional. This webinar explores what makes listening difficult, and shares some hints and tips for becoming a more effective listener.
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27 July 2016 - Managing your online presence
Lynn Keddie tells us the dos and don’ts for your online behaviour and explains how you can use LinkedIn as a powerful business media tool.
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16 February 2016 – Knowing me, knowing you – managing different personalities
Lisa Greenwood outlines the seven different personality styles and their strengths, values and communication styles as well as, how to adapt your own style of communication you build rapport with different personality styles.
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5 August 2014 - An introduction to emotional intelligence
Jennifer MacKay gives us an insight in to what EQ is and how we can boost it to become more effective both at home and in the workplace.
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16 August 2011 - Ethics
Understand some ethical scenarios and dilemmas you are likely to face as an ACA student.
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