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The ability to operate successfully as a member or leader of a team is crucial in business. This catalogue of webinars is designed to help you develop an effective management style, to support you in both people and project management.

Webinar recordings

25 February 2010 - Dealing with difficult people
Learn the key skills on how to deal with difficult people and difficult situations.
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29 July 2010 - Managing for the first time
Develop an understanding of how to manage client work, others and yourself as your career progresses.
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12 July 2011 - Personal skills to manage your hierarchy and peers 
Learn the skills and tactics to help you manage your hierarchy and peers more effectively.
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20 September 2011 - Effective networking
Improve your networking skills - discover how to lead conversations, ask the correct questions and make the right contacts.
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14 May 2013 - Team work and project management
How do you create successful teams and how do you manage projects that take weeks or months to complete?
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16 October 2014 - Principles of project management
Learn about the processes of project management as well as some of the most common challenges that you might come up against, along with practical tips to help you tackle them.
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16 September 2015 - Dealing with office politics
Listen to this professional development webinar, as Angus Farr shares his top tips for accepting and dealing with office politics.
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24 May 2016 – Being an effective team worker
Communication expert Jennifer MacKay joins us and outlines the key to building and being part of a successful team and overcoming any difficulties.
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