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Subscribing to Faculties Online gives you access to the online resources of seven faculties and their associated communities. Do business with confidence and support your development by taking advantage of our cutting edge technical information on a wide range of topics, delivered in easy-to-read formats by ICAEW.com

What do I get as a subscriber?

  • NEW for 2017! Access to the faculties' webinars - including registration and recordings
  • Access to the online resources of seven faculties including e-magazines and practical guides
  • Access to three online communities
  • A regular e-bulletin showcasing the latest collective online resources of the faculties
  • Technical updates on the latest in key developments, legislation, trends and practical advice
  • Two suites of Excel online training to help you maintain and develop your skills

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Cost of membership*

Membership Promo Code Cost
ICAEW members with 0-1 faculties ONFACSUM  £150.00 (inc. VAT)
ICAEW members with 2+ faculties ONFACSUM2  £75.00 (inc. VAT) 
GAA / ICAS / CAI members with 0-1 faculties ONFACGAASUM £150.00 (inc. VAT)
GAA / ICAS / CAI members with 2+ faculties ONFACGAASUM2  £75.00 (inc. VAT) 
Non-ICAEW members** with 0-1 faculties ONFACSUM £210.00 (inc. VAT) 
Non-ICAEW members** with 2+ faculties  ONFACSUM2 £105.00 (inc. VAT) 

*Membership runs until 31 December 2017

**Non-ICAEW members outside the EU can reclaim their VAT by contacting fin.icaew.com

 Call +44 (0)1908 248 250 if you are unsure of the price for which you are eligible.

**The Global Accounting Alliance

Please contact fin@icaew.com if you are a subscriber outside the EU, as you may obtain a subscription without the addition of VAT.