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CIMA members - join ICAEW

As a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), you may be able to join ICAEW through our Pathways to Membership programme. You can also apply for a practising certificate and gain audit rights in the UK with our Audit Qualification.

CIMA members - based outside the UK

Qualified members of CIMA - living and working outside the UK - with a minimum of five years' full membership and a minimum of five years' post-qualification experience in an accounting and/or business environment may be able to apply to join the ICAEW through the Pathways to Membership programme. Please note, that Pathways to Membership is now closed to all applicants based in the UK (this includes the Channel Islands and Crown Dependencies).

CIMA members - in the UK

If you are a qualified CIMA member based in the UK, the Pathways to Membership programme is no longer available to you. If you wish to qualify as an ICAEW Chartered Accountant you would need to register as an ACA student and complete the required elements of ACA training while working for an organisation that is authorised by ICAEW to train ACA students.

Practising certificate

If you intend to practise in the UK or EC you must apply for a practising certificate. You may only practice as an ICAEW member if you have been a member of CIMA for at least two years.

Audit rights

ICAEW membership does not automatically grant you audit rights in the UK, so if you intend to work in audit during your career, then we recommend that you apply for the Audit Qualification (AQ) when joining us.