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Manage your portfolio career

An increasing number of people build their careers by combining several paid activities at the same time. This offers the opportunity to carry out different kinds of work, use a variety of skills or combine paid and voluntary work. A portfolio career can also give you the flexibility you need to balance work and family responsibilities. Use our guides, books, articles and links to find out more about portfolio careers as a career option.

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Crash course in... Building a portfolio career

You're feeling jaded with your corporate career and want a bit more variety in your working life. The idea of mixing a number of roles in a portfolio career intrigues you, and with the employment outiook uncertain, this is a good time to see what's involved in building one.

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The Library provides full text access to a selection of key business and reference eBooks from leading publishers. eBooks are available to logged-in ICAEW members, ACA students and other entitled users.

How to make partner and still have a life

Aims how to show how career development can be accomplished while maintaining a good work-life balance. It is focused specifically on achieving partnership in a firm, and contains guidance on routes to partnership, networking over the course of a career, and the partnership selection process.

Balance your life and work

This book offers practical advice on work life balance. It helps you work out your own priorities, reduce your stress levels, and take positive action to make your life easier.

Manage your time: how to work more effectively

Practical advice on building time management skills. Sections cover assessing efficiency, organising time, avoiding information overload, delegating tasks, time management in meetings, work-life balance, and decision making.

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Are you ready to go portfolio?

Giving up the rat race for the freedom of a freelance professional life might be a daydream, but does the reality live up to the fantasy?

Crash course in...Building a portfolio career

Offers tips on how to establish a portfolio career.

Useful links


ICAEW volunteers
Search the ICAEW volunteers website for current volunteering opportunities.

We also maintain dedicated subject pages on:


Portfolio careers
Article from career coach Denise Taylor which answers common questions asked by those considering a portfolio career.

10 portfolio career tips
Article by career and job-search expert Randall S. Hansen which provides guidance for those interested in building a portfolio career.

Portfolio careers (Careershifters)
Articles from the the Careershifter website which share experience from career coaches and practitioners and offer tips for creating a portfolio career. The article Portfolio careers for people in their 20s and 30s provides advice for those considering a portfolio career at an early stage in their working life.

Portfolio careers (THE)
Article from the Times Higher Education supplement giving more details on portfolio careers as a career option.


Accounting for International Development (AfID)
Voluntary organisation which offers qualified accountants the opportunity to use their professional skills during voluntary international placements. Assignments last between 2 weeks and 12 months and form part of an ongoing strategy to build the financial management capacity and long-term sustainability of non-profit organisations around the world.

Reach is a skilled volunteering charity which matches qualified professionals with suitable voluntary opportunities that will utilise their career skills. You need to register to see a list of volunteer opportunities available. The charity also runs TrusteeWorks which helps skilled professionals to find challenging and rewarding trustee opportunities.

VSO volunteer
The Voluntary Services Organisation website provides information on how to volunteer and lists current opportunities available for qualified professionals. Volunteer placements are available for financial managers overseas.

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