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Motivating employees

Find out more about motivating your employees with our selection of books, articles and online resources providing quick links to best practice and useful guidance.

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The Library provides full text access to a selection of key business and reference eBooks from leading publishers. eBooks are available to logged-in ICAEW members, ACA students and other entitled users.

Performance management: key strategies and practical guidelines

Describes in detail the different uses and methods of performance management, with case studies and examples from recent performance research.

Positive management: increasing employee productivity

Designed to improve business management skills with a view to increasing employee productivity. Includes chapters on management strategies, organisational cultures and the philosophy of positive management.

Setting performance targets

Looks at performance measurement from a scientific point of view and how it can be combined with an effective business strategy. It addresses the ways in which performance measurement and target setting interact with budgets and organisational culture.

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Balance business and family responsibility

Recruit and motivate key team members

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Online articles

The library provides access to a range of articles in full text from leading business, finance and management journals. Access to articles is provided to logged-in ICAEW members, ACA students and other entitled users subject to suppliers' terms of use.

How I did it...

Young staff don't make work their main priority. Bob Moritz, U.S. Chairman of PWC, explains how his firm keeps Millennials motivated.

Fries with that?

Anywhere can become a great workplace - as three unexpected examples from the UK (and six golden rules) demonstrate. Try to create an environment in which real recognition, a sense of purpose, autonomy, fairness, health and happiness and a dash of danger help keep employees interested.

Motivate by showing how individuals and teams are doing

The author argues that the most powerful motivating factor for employees is providing them with a detailed report or team briefing about the significance of their contribution to their organization. She offers insights into why this could have a greater positive impact on employees than promotions, recognition programs or pay rises.

Handing the keys to Gen Y

Growing up with the web and social media means that Generation (Gen) Y, meaning the generation of people born in the 1980s and 1990s, may be more skilled in collecting information, making sense of it, and responding in real time. However, to make use of these talents managers need to build Gen Y's commitment to their company. One way to do this is by giving these employees the responsibility to make decisions and implement innovative ideas.

Motivating without money

There are alternative ways to pay rises to motivate employees - one way is employee engagement. Ten tips to increase engagement and ensure employees feel fully involved in their organisation are given. Written from a US perspective.

Increasing the meaning quotient of work

A look at employee motivation and productivity, focusing on how a sense of meaning and purpose can be fostered in the workplace. The degree to which employees view their work as having meaning or impact, which the authors call its meaning quotient (MQ), appears to be an important factor determining whether they will perform at optimum levels.

Know where to turn

Do you feel stressed? Barely able to cope? Is your work-life balance poor? Do you have money issues? Kath Haines explains why accountants suffering from stress-related problems are getting younger in Great Britain, and suggests ways they can cope. Help is available through the Chartered Accountants' Benevolent Association (CABA) and other support groups.

Small Business Update

Small Business Update is a monthly magazine for SMEs with articles covering the latest regulatory developments, practical advice and hot topics.

How to motivate staff


Motivating staff is essential to the success of any small firm. Motivated and engaged employees will go the extra mile, they contribute more ideas and work harder to achieve your business objectives. And good workplace morale also improves staff retention.

Staff loyalty: a thing of the past?


A job used to be a long-term relationship that most of us stuck with through thick and thin. But times have changed and employers can no longer take such loyalty for granted. For small firms, the loss of a key staff member can be devastating – so what can you do to keep your staff happy and faithful?

10 ways to encourage creative thinking


Creating a culture in which all employees are actively encouraged to put ideas forward can help your firm innovate. But how do you get the best from people and encourage them to be at their most creative?

How to create a healthy work environment


A happy, healthy and comfortable work environment is important for your staff — and can be achieved without spending a fortune. It boosts productivity and morale while acknowledging the time spent in an office.

Employee benefits on a budget


During tough economic conditions, the golden rule for employers is to hold on to what you have got. When it comes to staff, this means identifying low-cost means of retention and boosting morale. Most small firms can't afford perks such as private health care or a subsidised canteen, but you can motivate employees in other ways.

How to get staff more involved


More than a third of staff are planning to look for a new job once the economy picks up, according to research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Many employees may also be feeling low about returning to work after their summer holiday. Follow these steps to motivate your workforce.

Articles and books in the Library collection

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Useful links

Employee outlook: Autumn 2013 
This employee survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is produced twice a year. The survey tracks employee engagement via the Employee Outlook Engagement Index as well as employees’ attitudes towards their managers and the extent to which they feel under pressure at work.

Employee engagement factsheet 
A CIPD factsheet, last revised August 2013. Covers the benefits of employee engagement, how to build an engaged workforce and the engagement levels of British employees.

Lead and motivate your staff 
Guide from Business Link which includes sections on what motivates staff and using leadership to create a motivated work force. The Business Link website was replaced on 17 October 2012 but no direct equivalent to this page has been included in the new website. The archived guidance is now available through the UK Government Web Archive.

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