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Motivating employees

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Featured article

Swimming with the tide 
Nick Martindale, Employee Benefits, Apr 2016, Apr 2016, p25-26 
The article discusses the findings of a research by business to business service provider Argos for Business which reveals the impacts of employee motivation schemes towards employee performances.  

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Featured eBook

The concise Adair on teambuilding and motivation
John Adair and Neil Thomas (Thorogood, 2004)
This book includes chapters on understanding teams and their structures, team roles and team member functions, small group dynamics, motivating employees, team building and employee retention. 

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Concise Adair on teambuilding and motivation, The

A guide to team building for managers and leaders.

Effective people management

A short guide to team management and leadership.

Employee share schemes

Accounting treatment, tax relief and reporting obligations for employee share schemes.

Performance management: key strategies and practical guidelines

Understanding and implementing performance measurement.

Positive management: increasing employee productivity

People management from a US perspective.

Setting performance targets

Target setting from a US perspective.

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Briefings are four-page guides from Atom Content Marketing written for the busy practitioner, director and entrepreneur providing concise, practical advice on core business issues.

Motivating employees

Most employees spend less than half their time at work being genuinely productive. For the business owner, this is frustrating and expensive.

Performance appraisals

Maintaining employees' focus and motivation is essential if they are to make a full contribution to your business.

Online articles

The library provides access to a range of articles in full text from leading business, finance and management journals. Access to articles is provided to logged-in ICAEW members, ACA students and other entitled users subject to suppliers' terms of use.

Show work related stress unhappiness the door in 2017

The article offers tips to deal with work-related stress and improve job satisfaction. Topics discussed include the relation between the happiness of the employees and their productivity, the views of Eugenio Proto of the University of Warwick on it, and the impact that job involvement has on a person..

The neuroscience of trust: Management behaviours that foster employee engagement

Article looks at the author's research into building a culture of trust in an organisation. Employees in high-trust organisations are more productive, have more energy, collaborate better with colleagues, and stay with their employers longer. They also suffer less stress and are generally happier, which fuels stronger performance.

Rising to the top on a reduced schedule

The article discusses the significant role of flexible work arrangements (FWAs) in helping talented professionals remain on the job while devoting some of their time to family or other personal endeavors. Certified public accountant (CPA) Erica O'Malley shares the lessons that she and her team learned from their experiences with the flexible work arrangements. She added that such work schedules help identify who are highly motivated and have strong organizational and time management skills..

The case against long-term incentive plans

The article discusses research on the ineffectiveness of long-term incentive plans as part of the compensation of managers. Topics include the importance of intrinsic motivation in executive performance, the role of risk aversion in the psychology of executives, and the psychological discounting of future incentive pay compared to more immediate compensation.

Managing the high intensity workplace

People today are under intense pressure to be “ideal workers”—totally committed to their jobs and always on call. But after interviewing hundreds of professionals in many fields, the authors have concluded that selfless dedication to work is often unnecessary and harmful. It has dysfunctional consequences not only for individuals but also for their organizations.

Swimming with the tide

The article discusses the findings of a research by business to business service provider Argos for Business which reveals the impacts of employee motivation schemes towards employee performances. The research shows the impacts on the lack of employee involvement in implementing and shaping of employee enrichment programs. It also highlights the importance of employee opinion into creating job motivation programmes.

How to achieve work-life harmony

If finding a work-life balance sounds as achievable as hunting down the Loch Less Monster, try aiming for work-life harmony instead. Chad Martinson suggests some ways forward.

Most people don't know whether they're paid fairly

Research suggests that one of the top predictors of employee engagement is a company's ability to communicate its pay policies clearly - because employees feel their salary figure reflects how valued they are, which in turn affects how engaged they are in their work.

Employees thrive in coworking spaces

Research shows employees in coworking spaces (where diverse groups of freelancers, remote workers and other independent professionals work together in rented space) are thriving in comparison with employees working in regular offices.

How I did it...

Young staff don't make work their main priority. Bob Moritz, U.S. Chairman of PWC, explains how his firm keeps Millennials motivated.

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Useful links

Employee outlook
This survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is produced twice a year. It tracks employee engagement, employees’ attitudes towards their managers and the extent to which they feel pressured at work.

Employee engagement factsheet
A CIPD factsheet, last revised in December 2014. It covers the benefits of employee engagement, how to build an engaged workforce and the engagement levels of British employees. Free registration required.

Lead and motivate your staff
A guide from Business Link, exploring what motivates staff and how to use leadership skills to create a motivated work force. The Business Link website was replaced in October 2012 but no direct equivalent to this page has been included in GOV.UK. The archived guidance is now available through the UK Government Web Archive. A live version of this information can be found on the Northern Ireland Business Info website.

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