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Brand management

Find out more about brand management with our selection of articles, books and online resources. We provide quick links to tools, techniques and best practices you can apply to your business.

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Featured article

Virtual board: advice on brand expansion

An expert panel gives Carrie Bate advice on how she can take her £2m-turnover company, Little Coffee Bag Co., mainstream whilst retaining its luxury allure. Tips include the importance of telling the story behind the brand, developing brand guidelines and expanding into other luxury products.

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Featured book

The go-to expert: how to grow your reputation, differentiate yourself from the competition and win new business

H.Townsend (Pearson Education, 2014, 273 pages)
This book offers advice on packaging your brand and making your services irresistible to clients. 

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The Library provides full text access to a selection of key business and reference eBooks from leading publishers. eBooks are available to logged-in ICAEW members, ACA students and other entitled users.

Branding your business

James Hammond Kogan Page 2008

Practical guide to creating and managing successful brands which stand out in the marketplace. Explains what a brand is and what it is not, how to conduct a 'DIY' brand audit and how to use marketing NLP and psychology principles to create a powerful brand.

Conscious branding

David Funk | Anne Marie Levis 9781606490587 2009

The book's chapters cover the importance of brands, brand confusion, marketing communications and public relations, product design, operations management, and long-term brand management.

Developing winning brand strategies

Lard Finskud Business Expert Press 2009

The book contains chapters on uncovering potential for growth, balancing stakeholder choices, brand management, and evolving a business strategy that can sustain the strength of a brand.

Discount business strategy: how the new market leaders are redefining business strategy

Michael Moesgaard Andersen | Flemming Poulfelt John Wiley and Sons 2006

The book explores why some companies are more successful than others, and contrasts their business strategies with regard to pricing and sales. It includes chapters on discount-based business strategy, the attractiveness of a core product, the value of good brand management and social capital. It features three case studies to illustrate successful corporate strategy.

Emerging trends, threats and opportunities in international marketing: what executives need to know

Michael R. Czinkota | Masaaki Kotabe | Ilkka A. Ronkainen Business Expert Press 2010

The book is composed of a series of marketing research articles, loosely grouped under four headings: marketing and PR in an uncertain world, competition from emerging international markets, global sourcing and supply chain, and marketing challenges engendered by current events. This last section covers brand management, trade and terrorism, and marketing in the wake of financial crisis.

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Directors' Briefings and Start-Up Briefings are four-page guides written for the busy practitioner, director and entrepreneur providing concise, practical advice on core business issues.

Creating a brand


Having a brand can differentiate your business from your competitors and drive customer loyalty.

Disclaimer: These publications from Atom Content Marketing are for general guidance only, for businesses in the United Kingdom governed by the laws of England. Atom Content Marketing, expert contributors and ICAEW (as distributor) disclaim all liability for any errors or omissions.

Online articles

The library provides access to a range of articles in full text from leading business, finance and management journals. Access to articles is provided to logged-in ICAEW members, ACA students and other entitled users subject to suppliers' terms of use.

Luxury branding below the radar

Harvard Business Review September 2015 Vol. 93, Issue 8, p.1-6

Marketing executives in the luxury sector should pay attention to the rise of "inconspicuous consumption": elite consumers' growing desire for discreetly branded goods. The article provides suggestions on how companies can adapt their brands in response to this trend.

Brand value: 'hidden' asset in plain view

Alfred M.King | Una Newman Strategic Finance July 2015 Vol. 97, Issue 7, p.22-29

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) have much to gain from measuring brand value, including being able to assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Article includes a step by step guide to calculating your brand value.

Virtual board: Carrie Bate

Christian Koch Director July/August 2015 Vol. 68, Issue 10, p.45-46

An expert panel gives Carrie Bate advice on how she can take her £2m-turnover company, Little Coffee Bag Co., mainstream whilst retaining its luxury allure. Tips include the importance of telling the story behind the brand, developing brand guidelines and expanding into other luxury products.

An improved way to map brand strategy

Niraj Dawar | Charan K.Bagga Harvard Business Review June 2015 Vol. 93, Issue 6, p.90-97

Article on a new approach to analyzing brand positioning and business performance, called the centrality-distinctiveness (C-D) map. Includes example C-D maps for car and beer brands.

The secrets of the top brands

Jason Daley Entrepreneur April 2014 Vol. 42 Issue 4, p42-46

The results of Entrepreneur magazine's survey into the most trusted companies are presented. Jason Daley highlights lessons to take away from their success. Includes a feature on 'How Apple ruined branding'.

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Small Business Update

Small Business Update is a monthly magazine for SMEs with articles covering the latest regulatory developments, practical advice and hot topics.

Building a brand


A memorable brand can reinforce your difference from competitors and can help to encourage customer loyalty. But developing a lasting brand involves a lot more than simply redesigning your logo

Disclaimer: These publications from Atom Content Marketing are for general guidance only, for businesses in the United Kingdom governed by the laws of England. Atom Content Marketing, expert contributors and ICAEW (as distributor) disclaim all liability for any errors or omissions.

Useful links


Finance & Management Faculty
View articles on marketing and brand management. Free to faculty members.

Guides and reports

Brand Valuation
A basic fact sheet from the International Trademark Association (INTA), an international non-profit organisation. The fact sheet defines a brand, why and how brands are valued.

Brand equity database with individual annual reports covering:

  • top 100 global brands
  • top 50 most valuable Chinese brands
  • top 50 most valuable Latin American brands
  • top 25 most valuable global retail brands.

How to protect your intellectual property
Guidance from GOV.UK for businesses on copyright, patents and trademarks.

The power of branding: a practical guide
Guide from the Design Council on branding which outlines what branding is and how you can use it to help improve your business or the perception of your service. Sections cover:

  • what we mean by brand and branding
  • how the web has changed the relationship with customers
  • how branding can help your business
  • the key ingredients of any good brand
  • how to communicate, manage and develop your brand identity
  • branding for different market sectors
  • the relationship between design and branding

Your personal brand
Tools and advice from PwC's careers section with an Online ID Calculator to analyse your online reputation and an interactive PDF workbook to help map your brand plan.


Brand Finance
Leading brand valuation consultancy. The Knowledge Centre section of the site contains research into the world’s most valuable brands and includes reports, articles, white papers and league tables.

British Brand Group
A membership organisation comprising many leading brand manufacturers. The group's publications include case studies and briefings.

Intellectual Property Office
Government body offering help and advice on protecting intellectual property.

Superbrands UK
Superbrands UK commissions independent research to identify the UK’s strongest brands. It produces annual league tables for Consumer Superbrands and Business Superbrands. Superbrands UK is part of a global business operating in over 50 countries worldwide.

Previously known as the World Advertising Research Center, WARC provides information and research on all aspects of marketing, media and communications. Registration is required to access articles, papers and case studies. A free trial is available.

Articles and books in the Library collection

Selected articles

MicroDomination: how to leverage social media and content marketing to build a mini-business empire around your personal brand
Young, T. (John Wiley & Sons, 2013)
This new book from entrepreneur and communications guru Trevor Young shows you how to tap into your particular area of expertise and build a small business around what you know and love. Features actionable guidance on using content marketing and social media to grow your brand and business.

Get your customers' Pinterest
Director, March 2013. pp.78-81
Discusses the social network website Pinterest, which allows users to post images that interest them on to their profile. Discusses how businesses can use this to interest potential customers in new products.

The brand likeability effect: can firms make themselves more likeable?
Journal of General Management, Vol.38. No.3. Spring 2013. pp.25-50
Brand likeability is a concept that is little researched, particularly at the firm level. The question of 'what is likeable?' has not yet been answered thoroughly and few studies have to date examined what causes a firm or brand to be perceived as liked or disliked. This paper aims to provide an understanding of the theories and concepts that explain brand likeability.

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