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Self employment

Get advice on starting your own business, or take your career in a different direction with ICAEW's self-employment resources.

Setting up your own practice

Setting up your own Practice is a way to apply your professional accountancy skills and experience, and to some extent control the number of hours you work. We have the following information, helpsheets and practical support to help members considering setting up their own practice:

Practice Resources

Practice resources web pages which include detailed sections on:

Practice helpsheets

There are 39 practice helpsheets of these in total including engagement and disengagement letters, arrangements of alternates, Bribery Act, client money regulations, data protection, new client information checklist

PI insurance

Bluefin Professions has created an enhanced professional indemnity facility exclusively for ICAEW members including a policy specially for low fee income.

Setting up your own business

Use our selection of books, articles, links and guides to find more information on all aspects of starting a business.

Portfolio career

Portfolio careers are on the increase. We have a number of ways we provide information and support for members seeking to build a portfolio career.

Non-Executive Directors Group

Get concise updates on the directives, laws and regulations that affect non-executives, training on key NED skills, guidance within specific sectors, access to a network of NEDs who can provide informal advice and support, opportunities to hear from industry leaders and high profile NEDs at our programme of events, and improved chances of being headhunted, via our Non-Exec directory.

Interim Manager Group

Essential resources, news and networking opportunities and tap into essential tax and technical updates, plus the latest news on issues impacting interim managers.