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ACA Training (Pre July 2013)

In July 2013, we evolved the ACA qualification. If you started your ACA training before this time, please see below all the information you'll need to help you successfully complete the technical work experience (TWE), initial professional development (IPD) and structured training in ethics (STE) components of ACA training


Student training guide

Full details about ACA training can be found in the ACA student training guide.

Download the ACA student training guide

Prior to July 2013, the ACA qualification comprised of two stages - the Professional Stage and Advanced Stage modules.  

Exam sittings for the following Professional Stage application modules are no longer available:

  • Financial Accounting
  • AAT Financial Accounting Top-Up
  • Financial Reporting Taxation.

Parallel running for the three Advanced Stage papers will be available up to and including the July 2015 session.

For further guidance on the transitional arrangements, please see page 18 and 19 of our conversion brochure.

Advanced Stage

The Advanced Stage consists of two Technical Integration papers and a Case Study.

We recommend that you speak to your employer and tuition provider about continuing with the current components of TWE, IPD and STE or moving over to the evolved ACA. Our student support team is also here to help.

Technical work experience (TWE)

Technical work experience is an integral part of your ACA qualification. During your training agreement, you should accumulate and show evidence of at least 450 days of technical work experience. This excludes exam days, holidays, courses, illness and office administration.

How to complete your TWE

How do I record audit experience?

If you are a student qualifying with a registered auditor authorised to offer adequate audit training, it is possible that you will have enough experience on completion of your training agreement to apply for the UK Audit Qualification.

All audit work experience should be recorded on a separate Audit Qualification form to the Evidence of Technical Work Experience form.

Initial professional development (IPD)

Initial professional development (IPD) is an integral part of training to become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant. IPD is designed to help you integrate your exam studies, technical work experience and the development of your professional skills.

The IPD scheme helps ACA students to develop professionally by considering your work experience in five key areas that define a chartered accountant:

  • ethics and professionalism
  • personal effectiveness
  • technical and functional expertise
  • business awareness
  • professional judgement.

How to complete your initial professional development (IPD)

There are two ways to complete IPD:

  • ICAEW's IPD scheme
  • Your employers' accredited IPD scheme

Requirements for each scheme are slightly different, please confirm with your employer which IPD scheme you should be following.

Structured training in ethics (STE)

Structured training in ethics (STE) is an integral part of training to become a chartered accountant. The STE programme is a training programme based on interactive case studies, scenarios and self-test questions that will help you to develop your professional ethics.

STE will enable you to:

  • identify and analyse ethical issues
  • develop your knowledge and understanding of ethical guidance and theories
  • become familiar with ICAEW ethical guidance
  • apply the fundamental principles and other guidance in a practical way to resolve dilemmas.

How to complete your STE training programme

Starting STE or a new stage

ACA evolution

In July 2013, we evolved the ACA qualification. If you started your ACA training before this time, you may by recording the ACA components including exams, IPD, TWE and STE in a slightly different way. If you continued with the previous ACA components of IPD, STE and TWE, access information about these components.

We recommend that you speak to your employer and tuition provider about if you would like to move over to the evolved ACA. Our student support team is also here to help.

Find out more about the changes that were made at icaew.com/acaevolution or by watching our webinar.