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ACA exam resources

Resources you will find useful when you're studying for the ACA exams.

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Share and discuss your exam-related study tips with fellow ACA students on the student online community and benefit from advice on key topics from tutors.

Study resources

Select the relevant module below to access syllabus, skills development grids, sample exam papers, past exam papers and advice from the examiners.

Certificate Level

Six modules at the Certificate Level will introduce students to the fundamentals of accountancy, finance and business.

Professional Level

The six modules at this level build on the fundamentals and will test students’ understanding and ability to use technical knowledge in real-life scenarios. The Business Planning and Business Strategy modules in particular help students to progress to the Advanced Level.

Advanced Level

At the Advanced Level, the Corporate Reporting and Strategic Business Management modules will test students’ understanding and strategic decision making at a senior level. They present real-life scenarios, with increased complexity and implications from the Professional Level modules.

The Case Study will test all the knowledge, skills and experience gained so far. It presents a complex business issue which will challenge students’ ability to problem solve, identify the ethical implications and provide an effective solution.

The Advanced Level exams are fully open book, so it replicates a real-life scenario where students have all the resources at their fingertips.