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As part of the ACA evolution, an updated syllabus was introduced in July 2013. The period of parallel running of the Professional Stage application module exams came to an end in June 2014, and the parallel running of the Advanced Stage exams will come to an end in July 2015. The last exam session for the Technical Integration Business Change and Business Reporting modules will be the July 2015 exam sitting. From November, only the Advanced Level exams will be available.

Exam regulations

As an employer there are several key ACA examination regulations that you need to be aware of:

  • ICAEW regulations allow a maximum of four attempts allowed per Certificate and Professional Level exam. If a student fails the same exam four times, that student will be excluded from continuing as an ACA student
  • there is no limit on the number of attempts allowed on any of the Advanced Stage exams
  • the Advanced Level Case Study must be the last examination attempted. If your students register as an ACA student from 1 June 2015, they will only be able to sit the Case Study exam in the final year of their training agreement. Students, who registered from before 1 June 2015, can sit the Case Study outside of their final year of training. As an employer, you can decide when your students are ready to sit the Case Study. Your students should be close to completing the professional development, ethics and professional scepticism, and practical work experience before attempting the Case Study.
  • there is no time bar.

Exam applications, dates and deadlines

It is your students’ responsibility to apply for exams before the closing deadlines. Students must be registered with ICAEW to apply for exams. We send deadline reminders to students and employers.

Credit for prior learning/exemption

Credit for prior learning (CPL) is our term for exam exemptions. Students with accounting/business related degrees or professional accountancy qualifications may be eligible for exemptions against some of the exams. There are up to eight credits for prior learning (CPL) available at the Professional Level exams.

Exam support for your students

Students can access past papers, examiners feedback and useful articles in the exam resources area of the student website.

ACA students can discuss topics of interest and network with each other on the students' forum or blog. We regularly provide 'Ask a Tutor' sessions.

We produce monthly webinars on a variety of professional skills and technical topics. These sessions are recorded and posted onto the main student website so students can listen at a later date.

Exam results

As an employer there are a number of things that you should find helpful to know regarding your students exam results:

  • Pass and credit lists are posted on the ICAEW website at 12:00 (UK time) on the date of release at icaew.com/examresults
  • All students receive written confirmation of their results and can also choose to have their results sent to them by email and/or text message, by accessing the exam section of the ACA students’ web area.
  • Your qualified person responsible for training (QPRT) will receive written confirmation of the results of your students.
  • You can view archived exam results

Once a student has received their exam results, if they have failed an exam paper and believe that the result is not correct, or would like more information about their marks, they can request either a marks review or a marks feedback.

Please note

Information contained on this page is for your students following the ACA post-July 2013.