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Exam applications and fees

Students are responsible for applying for their ACA exams. Employers should be aware of several points in order to support your students fully with their exam applications.

Exam entry fees

Exam entry fees vary depending on the exam stage and the number of papers being sat at the exam session. It is common, but not compulsory, for a training employer to pay exam entry fees on behalf on their students.

Applying for exams

If your student wishes to apply for an exam online they must pay the entry fee by debit card or credit card. Students applying by post can either pay by credit card or cheque. Applications will not be processed unless accompanied by payment, unless previously agreed by the assessment manager.

Application status

All students can monitor the progress of their applications at the online applications section of the student area of the website, including those who have submitted a hard copy entry form. Once the application status is showing as 'allocated' the student can obtain details of their exam centre and timetable on the student area of the website.

Late applications

Late entries will be accepted for up to seven days after the closing date, upon payment of twice the normal exam fee. No allowance is made for any special circumstances or any error or omission.

Alternative arrangements for exams

Arrangements can be made for students whose exam performance may be affected by their personal circumstances. Applications for alternative exam arrangements must be made 30 days before the exam entry closing date wherever possible. Full details are available by viewing Alternative arrangements for exams guidance note (PDF 32KB/3 pages).

If the condition your student is suffering from is considered a disability within the meaning of the Equality Act 2010, we will do everything we reasonably can to support the student, subject to the provision of suitable evidence. This may involve adjustments such as awarding the student extra time, rest breaks or arranging for the use of a computer.

If your student is suffering from a short-term condition and therefore not covered by the Equality Act, we will provide support in accordance with the ACA assessment regulations. This support is subject to the receipt of sufficient notice and suitable medical evidence. We cannot guarantee that each request for an alternative arrangement for a short term condition will be granted.

If you have a student for whom you would like alternative exam arrangements to be made then you should request this 30 days before the exam entry closing date wherever possible.

The normal recommendation to unwell or injured students, for whom alternative exam arrangements cannot be awarded, is to postpone their exams until the next session. Students should not rely on receiving consideration for their condition when their exam result is determined. See Cancelling an exam application.

There are also provisions available for the e-assessment centres. Please see the e-assessment section for further information.