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Converting to ACA from other qualifications

Qualified or part-qualified individuals with various professional qualifications may be entitled to apply for ACA membership or gain credit at some of the ACA exams and work experience requirements.


Working in partnership with the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), ICAEW offers a fast track programme for qualified AAT students which enables them to become ACA qualified in as little as two years.

The AAT-ACA Fast Track encourages high calibre AAT students to study for the ACA after completing the AAT qualification. It allows AAT students to build on the knowledge and work experience they gained while studying for the AAT qualification.

There are up to five credits/exemptions available for AAT-ACA Fast Track students (depending on which AAT units they have completed)

There is also an ACA Financial Accounting Top-Up paper in place of the full Financial Accounting module.

AAT-ACA Fast Track students may also be eligible for up to 12 months credit on their technical work experience requirements.


ACCA has a number of different member categories covering students and qualified individuals. Therefore, there are various different options available to you if transferring your ACCA staff to ACA.

ACCA full members with a minimum of five years membership and post-qualification experience may be able to gain full ACA status through the Pathways to Membership route which involves sitting an 'Examination of Experience'. This does not have to be done in an exam hall.

ACCA full members and affiliates (exam qualified but not yet a member) can gain up to 12 credits at the ACA exams. ACCA affiliates may be eligible for up to 12 months credit for work experience of the required minimum 36 months training. ACCA full members may take advantage of a 24 rather than a 36 month training agreement, and may also be eligible for 8 months of credit for prior work experience. 

ACCA students who have passed some of their exams can gain credit on some of the ACA Professional Stage exams (depending on which ACCA papers they have passed). Check the credit directory to see which credits your students may be eligible for.


There are up to five credits/exemptions available at the ACA Professional Stage. They are Accounting, Assurance, Business and Finance, Management Information and Principles of Taxation.

The CAT to ACA checklist shows you which exemptions may apply to your students.


There are up to six credits/exemptions - all the knowledge modules - available at the ACA Professional Stage for CFAB students. 

Other professional qualifications

Qualified members from other professional qualifications may be eligible to gain membership of ICAEW through our reciprocal arrangements and membership initiatives.