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Benefits of AMCT Diploma in Treasury

The AMCT Diploma in Treasury is an accelerated course of study for ICAEW members who wish to gain the AMCT Diploma in Treasury; the Association of Corporate Treasurers' (ACT) core treasury qualification, which leads to AMCT status.

The AMCT Diploma in Treasury is the perfect qualification to gain new practical skills and develop your understanding of the wider context of treasury, making you more attractive to employers as a diverse finance specialist.

ICAEW members are exempt from stage one which reduces the time needed to complete the qualification. It offers an excellent opportunity for qualified accountants to gain a practical qualification in treasury, risk and corporate finance which will complement their accountancy skills base.

Benefits to you and your employees

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What’s in it for employers?

  • An instant ability to benchmark competency.
  • An excellent retention and reward scheme.
  • Ensures that internal and external clients receive the best advice.
  • Provides invaluable reference for day-to-day treasury activities long after the qualification has been completed.

What’s in it for your employees?

  • Use the tools and techniques of treasury management.
  • Understand the role of the finance and treasury function within a company.
  • Understand and interpret the value of core treasury topics, such as accountancy and tax as well as the more complex treasury areas of corporate finance and risk management.
  • Apply treasury knowledge and understanding to real life scenarios.
  • Analyse treasury-specific information.