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Business Sustainability Programme FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the ICAEW's Business Sustainability Programme (BSP).

Is the BSP an exam?

The BSP is not an exam but does include a range of voluntary self-assessment questions built into the programme.

Is the BSP a qualification?

The BSP is an awareness raising programme and therefore is not a qualification. On completion of the programme the user can print-off a "completion certificate", to illustrate that they have undertaken the BSP.

I am not an accountant. Is the BSP relevant to me?

The content of the BSP is aimed at all business professionals so it is relevant to anyone who makes decisions that affect the sustainability of their business.

Do I need to know anything about Business Sustainability or Corporate Responsibility to undertake this programme?

Not at all, the first module of the programme explains the language, history and issues surrounding Business Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility. Having completed the first module the user will have a solid grounding in the subject area.

I am already involved in my company’s Corporate Responsibility strategy. Is the programme of any relevance to me?

The programme is designed to be of relevance to users with different levels of knowledge and experience. 

Module 3 gives examples of how organisations are managing the challenges of running their businesses in a sustainable manner.

Module 4 gives a practical guide on how to design, implement, measure and report on a strategy for sustainability.

How do I access the BSP?

The BSP is an e-learning programme accessible via this website.

Do I have to pay for the BSP?

All modules in this programme are free.

How long will it take me to do the BSP?

The BSP is designed to be flexible such that a user can dip in and out of the programme. Users can revisit the programme any number of times. To complete all parts of the programme (excluding the Resource section) it will take approximately two hours.

What can I do to build on my knowledge once I have completed the programme?

Underlying the five modules of the BSP is a Resource section. This gives the user more in-depth detail and provides additional sources of reference, websites and toolkits.

What are the terms and conditions?
Is there a required minimum computer specification to be able to access the BSP?

Yes. To access the programme users will need the following minimum computer specification:

  • Processor 800mhz
  •  128MB RAM
  •  1024/768 Screen Resolution
  •  16 Bit colours
  •  Recommended 256k Connection
  •  Flash Player 9
  •  Suitable network or dial-up connection *

*In both these cases the ‘Java Script’ option needs to be enabled in the browser to allow the courses to run as they use this programming language.

The system also require all pop up blockers to be switched off, this include those in the google or yahoo tool bars. The courses also require flash player 9 or above.

What happens if I have any questions whilst trying to register for or gain access to the BSP?

Please contact us on +44 (0) 01908 248 250 or email BSPhelpline@icaew.com