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Testimonials about our financial reporting learning programmes

Hear what others have been saying about our financial reporting learning programmes.

Certificate in International Public Sector Financial Reporting

Angela Mason-Bell

Head of Internal Audit, East of England Development Agency

"As a long-time CIPFA qualified accountant who is well-immersed in the world of internal audit, I used the Cert IPSFR as the means of bringing my knowledge of financial reporting requirements up to date, as part of my planned CPD activities. For me the online nature of the learning environment enabled me to work at my own pace and convenience, whilst the time-limited access to the materials provided a focus for completion. I thought the materials were logically structured, concepts well explained and the detail of the standards supported through the effective use of practical examples. I would highly recommend the Cert IPSFR to finance and audit professionals alike."

Vincent Rocero

Audit Project Leader, Office of the Auditor General, Cayman Islands

"As a public auditor, compliance with the financial reporting standards is one of my areas of concern. As I am preparing to improve my understanding on both IFRS and IPSAS standards, the Cert IPSFR is the complete package for this purpose. This online programme is user-friendly, useful and good value for money. The Cert IPSFR is an essential tool for public accountants and public auditors."

Steve Freeman

Principal Accountant, Lancashire County Council

"I purchased the Cert IPSFR to help prepare for my authority conversion to IFRSs accounting. It is my responsibility to ensure accounts are delivered and fully compliant; the programme gave me the understanding and knowledge I needed to ensure this.

"I also found the flexibility of the learning environment priceless, especially as I had to fit the course around a very busy schedule. I recommend the programme to any professional who wants to understand the IFRSs approach to the completion of accounts."

Susan Williams

Cardiff Council 

“I thought it would be good to learn about IFRSs, as I am heavily involved in financial reporting. The modules are easy to read and understand, and give practical worked examples where relevant. Each section ends with a useful summary of learning points, which can be used as a quick reference. The programme sets out the context and background of IFRSs, showing the links with other accounting standards. As money is tight for courses, training and days off work, the Cert IPSFR is affordable and does not require time off work.”

Jim Minogue

Head of Financial Reporting, Skills Funding Agency 

“I moved into a financial reporting role and I needed to obtain an in-depth briefing quickly on financial reporting standards within the public sector. The programme has been excellent in giving me the information I needed; it is well done and easy to use.”

Debra Redhead-Allen

Finance Manager, Tenant Services Authority

“As the finance manager for my organisation, I am responsible for preparing the financial statements and I was looking to improve my understanding and application of public sector financial reporting standards. The Cert IPSFR has helped me to do this. As the programme is based online, it gave me the flexibility to access it at work and at home. The learning materials make it easy to understand and apply IFRSs in public sector financial reporting. Practical examples are included and this allowed me to apply the standards in the practice exercises. I found the assessment very useful as it give an opportunity to test my understanding on the subject areas.” 

ICAEW Diploma in IFRSs

Stuart Lindley

Head of German Services

"I'm pleased that I invested the time in the course and exam, as I am now up to date with IFRSs. My advice to others is not to ignore any elements of the syllabus as they may be tested in the final exam. I would recommend attending the face to face classes to help with the more complicated issues surrounding financial instruments. The webinars were a help, but, in my view, there is no substitute for sitting in a classroom with a teacher."

Niall O’Gara

Auditor, Audit Commission, UK

"This course was comprehensive. It not only helped with IFRSs but also provided insight into the issues that will be encountered by UK businesses applying the IFRS for SMEs."

Lois Wells

Director – Financial Accounting, University College London, UK

"The course was very thorough and provided excellent professional updating. Bob Hawken, the BPP tutor, was an excellent teacher - very clear, patient and helpful."

Boastice Longwe

CFO, Endulwini Resources Ltd, South Africa

"I found the course really interesting and refreshing as I picked up a significant volume of knowledge about the changes in today's international financial reporting brought about by IFRSs. It is indeed imperative that this course is marketed across the globe, particularly in Africa."

Angela Mason-Bell

Finance Director, MEPC

"The ICAEW Diploma in IFRSs provided me with a structured way to bring myself up to speed with international accounting standards… I now have the confidence to consider a move to IFRS."

Sasha Winn

Senior Tutor, Kaplan Financial

"The ICAEW Diploma in IFRSs has been very enjoyable covering a wide aspect of corporate reporting topics including financial instruments, consolidation and industry standards. The diploma requires candidates to keep up to date as knowledge of exposure drafts is required. Assessment via assignment and exam suits different learning skills. Assignments are very useful as it forces candidates to read round the subject. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in International Financial Reporting Standards looking for a challenge. As a senior tutor the course and exam has helped me become more sympathetic to students doing exams and enabled me to bring more experience to my classes."

IFRS for SMEs learning and assessment programme

Edgar Salazar

Profesor Departamento de Ciencias Contables, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia

"I work for a consulting firm in the accounting and financial reporting division and I am a professor at the Accounting Department of the Pontificia Universidad

"After several years of debate, Colombia has started the process of convergence towards International Accounting and Auditing Standards. It has been proposed that SMEs in Colombia should apply the IFRS for SMEs. Therefore, professionals responsible for the preparation of financial reports of the SMEs in Colombia must be prepared for the application of the new accounting standards. I recommend using the learning materials of the ICAEW as one of the best ways to understand the principles and practical applications of the IFRS for SMEs."

IFRSs learning and assessment programme

Pradip Menon

Regional Director of Accounting, Unilever

“The material provided for the IFRSs certificate programme is very well balanced with theoretical and practical aspects woven together. This is particularly helpful for students without any IFRSs background. Furthermore, the cross referencing of the material to the paragraphs in the standards is very helpful in reinforcing the learning.”


"I am very happy with the programme. It was difficult, but very comprehensive. The learning modules broke the information down in logical chunks, which enhanced understanding of the material. I spent more than double the recommended time on the course and crammed it into 6 months. The exam was very hard, but that’s good. The ICAEW course was excellent. Since the UK has been reporting under IFRSs since 2005, their experience in its application allows for first-rate instruction. It was fortunate that I took the course when I did as my workload has increased exponentially since I received my certificate in January 2012. I appreciate all the help IASeminars provided in upgrading and expanding my education and I will take another course when I have time available to do so."

Andrew Buchanan

Global Head of IFRS, BDO International

"The ICAEW IFRSs learning and assessment programme has enabled us to provide individuals within our international network of member firms with access to a high quality, flexible training programme that gives a broad base of IFRSs knowledge. This supports our drive internationally to provide our clients with high quality and consistent IFRSs advice."

Arthur Kraft

Senior Lecturer in Accounting Cass Business School

"As International Financial Reporting Standards expand their role in the global economy, it is becoming increasingly important for graduating students to develop their understanding of IFRSs. The ICAEW certification enables our students to demonstrate that they have a working knowledge of IFRS and provides them with a competitive advantage in the job market. The structure of the program allows the students to gain an understanding of IFRS in a short span of time, and the depth and nature of the course makes it really worthwhile for students who are seeking careers which require an understanding of IFRSs."

Vinicius Martins

Professor in the Accounting department of the University of São Paulo, Brazil

"The ICAEW / FBM Academy partnership, focusing on international certification in IFRS for professionals in the business market, is a commendable initiative and should be highlighted. It comes in a timely manner, given the current demand for more qualified professionals in accounting and controllership, justified in the current economic environment, especially considering recent changes in Corporate Accounting."

Vinicius Martins holds an MSc and PhD in Controllership and Accountancy from the University of São Paulo School of Economics, Business Administration and Accountancy (Brazil). He is a professor at the Accountancy Department of the University of São Paulo at Ribeirão Preto School of Economics, Business Administration and Accountancy.

"A parceria  ICAEW e FBM Consulting, com foco na certificação internacional de IFRS para profissionais da área de negócios, é uma iniciativa louvável que merece ser destacada. Vem em um momento adequado, dada à demanda por profissionais mais qualificados na área de Contabilidade e Controladoria, especialmente justificada pelo atual ambiente econômico e suas recentes mudanças na Contabilidade Societária.’"

Vinicius Martins é Bacharel em Ciências Contábeis, Mestre e Doutor em Controladoria e Contabilidade pela Universidade de São Paulo (Brasil). Ele é professor do Departamento de Contabilidade da Faculdade de Economia, Administração e Contabilidade (FEA/RP) da Universidade de São Paulo.

Sergio de Jesus

Accounting and taxes General manager of Bank Panamericano, South America

"I am master of accounting/controllership and general manager of accounting and taxes of Bank Panamericano S.A.

"The IFRS immersion course will help me in the activities of preparing IFRS financial statements for the Panamericano group, as well as good training for IFRS ICAEW certification. The course is very well planned and the topics are adequately exploited for their full understanding.

"I recommend the course to all those who have the intention of having an excellent  update in IFRS, including daily application in their organizations."

"Sou mestre em ciências contábeis e controladoria e gerente geral de contabilidade e tributos do Banco Panamericano S.A.

"O curso de imersão em IFRS me ajudará nas atividades de elaboração de demonstrações financeiras em IFRS do grupo Panamericano, além da grande capacitação para a certificação em IFRS da ICAEW. O curso é muito bem planejado e os tópicos são explorados adequadamente para seu completo entendimento.

"Recomendo o curso a todas as pessoas que possuem a intenção de uma ótima atualização em IFRS, inclusive para aplicação diária em suas organizações."

Donna Street

Professor and Mahrt Chair in Accounting, University of Dayton

"As the US contemplates adoption of IFRSs, a major challenge to the finance community is to provide specialist IFRSs education. The University of Dayton (UD) is the first US university to offer the IFRSs learning and assessment program from ICAEW.

"With years of experience and expertise in the field of IFRSs, ICAEW’s certificate program integrates well with the UD’s international accounting classes and offerings. The University of Dayton students who have completed the IFRSs program now have a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace."

James Ravi

Senior Training Consultant, Etisalat Academy, Dubai, UAE

"An increasing number of companies are migrating to IFRSs and this global trend has resulted in a demand for IFRSs training programmes. Recognising this, we at Etisalat Academy searched for a programme that was flexible, accessible and suitable to all accounting and finance professionals. In 2007 we became the first training and assessment centre in the Middle East to run the IFRSs learning and assessment programme from ICAEW. Since then, we have successfully trained hundreds of professionals and we strongly recommend this programme to all our corporate clients – we are proud to be associated with ICAEW."