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Application process for accreditation

Forensic experts can apply for the Forensic Accountant Accreditation.

Check your eligibility

Before submitting your application for accreditation, please check you are eligible to apply.

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Applying for the Forensic Accountant Accreditation

Your application must consist of the following:

  • A completed application form
  • Completed Examination of Experience
  • Mandatory declarations
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Reference(s)
  • Payment details
  • Letter from your current professional body confirming your good standing and compliance with their CPD requirements - ICAEW members are not required to provide this information*

Please supply your responses to the Examination of Experience on a separate Word document. 


Your application must be supported by a reference. Your referee must:

  • confirm that they support your application by explaining why in their opinion you are suitable for this accreditation; and
  • explain how long and in what capacity they have known you

The reference should be sent out as per the proforma in the application form. ICAEW members are not required to provide this information.

Guidance notes

We have put together some guidance from the assessors to help you prepare your submission. The guidance includes guidelines on providing evidence of your professional skills, marking requirements, and top ten tips from the assessors and a checklist for your application.

If you have been unsuccessful in your application, please view the resubmission guidance within the FAQs.