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The Assurance Sourcebook

ICAEW Audit and Assurance Faculty has developed an Assurance Sourcebook which aims to facilitate a better understanding of non audit assurance services and the relevant international framework for its application among audiences including practitioners, businesses, investors, regulators and other interested parties.

Download the Assurance Sourcebook

The Audit and Assurance Faculty has developed The Assurance Sourcebook; a practical guide to the fast-developing world of assurance and accounts review, bringing together guidance and experience from a wide range of sources, including the International Audit & Assurance Board.

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The Assurance Sourcebook is a downloadable resource drawing on the work of the International Audit & Assurance Board, its framework for assurance engagements and its standards on assurance engagements. It seeks to provide practical guidance to all stakeholders, complementing ICAEW's technical release AAF 02/07 A framework for assurance reports on third party operations.

Online glossary

You can access an online version of the Assurance Sourcebook's glossary, which provides a coherent list of definitions of words, acronyms and concepts that are frequently used in relation to assurance engagements.