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Most popular FMF articles (2015/2016)

Here is a collection of our most popular FMF articles and reports from September 2015 to July 2016.

More Excel treasures

John Tennent offers 10 tips to help you get accustomed to some of the less well known Excel features.

An FDs first 100 days

It is important to hit the ground running in the first few months in a new job, but what should an FD's priorities be? Linda McKay and Alison Coleman consult three senior finance professionals for their insight.

Indicating improvement

Paul Golden looks at how SMEs can get it right when it comes to selecting the most appropriate metrics or KPIs to ensure continued growth.

Business reporting

This special report contains a few essentials on reporting of use to finance manager, controller and directors, including micro entity reports, the visual impact of reports and lean accounting.