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Growth and export

Find out more about growth and export with articles, links and guides to help you identify techniques and tools for your business.

Raise your export game

Despite declining numbers of exporters, the pressure is on UK plc to raise its exports game. Nigel Hastilow offers a roundup of the latest measures aimed at tackling the problem.

Industrial strategy - new approach

Industry has always been a strong driver of economic success for the British economy, but maintaining this requires the right approach from UK government. David Adams explores how a new industrial strategy might drive progress.

Building Bridges - is innovation enough?

Several government studies suggest many SMEs are engaged in innovation – but is this enough to fill the so-called gap and guarantee the future prosperity of UK business?

Wobbly world economy

In recent times economies have taken a turn for the worse, with financial markets spooked by the apparent weakness of the global economy. Scott Corfe looks at whether the future really is bleak.

Global economy to derail deficit reduction plans

Amid turbulence within the global economy, the UK has managed to hold its own. Scott Corfe of the Centre for Economics & Business Research investigates why, and give predictions for the future.

Special report Skills and Productivity

Finance and Management Faculty's productivity report provides the background and some explanations of the issues surrounding UK productivity including articles by leading think tanks and economists exploring the background and possible reasons for the UK's relatively poor performance.

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