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The economy

Access information on the state of the economy and ICAEW's Economic Insight reports.

Doing business in the UK

Recent changes to law aim to make the UK a more attractive business destination. David Craik asks a range of CFOs if the rules pass muster.

Government industrial update

When the general election came long, talk of the government's industrial strategy dried up. Nina Bryant looks at the details that are likely to still be on the table now that parliament has reconvened.

UK economic update

David Adams reviews the opinions and facts underlying the latest assessments of the UK economy.

UN sustainability goals

It has been just over a year since the UN launched its sustainable development goals for the planet, and right from the start ICAEW has championed their relevance to business and the profession. Finance & Management finds out how the goals are shaping change.

Carry on regardless

Accountants are navigating the dark waters of Brexit, even though it’s not fully clear what it will mean for business, says Nigel Hastilow.

Down but not out

All eyes are on next month’s Autumn Statement to see if it will help or hinder the economy in the wake of the referendum result.

The makers march on

Brexit may mean Brexit, but what does it mean for the UK’s manufacturers? Christian Doherty examines how the manufacturing sector has reacted to the decision to leave the EU.

Time to pack for the journey

With EU negotiations due to start in early 2017, what can SMEs do in the meantime to make sure they are prepared for Brexit?

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