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Access our article on employee ownership and talent management resources.

Employee benefits

Motivated employees can produce good results, but how can those results be maintained for the good of the business? The answer, Lauren Razavi says, might lie in employee benefits.

Contractors or employees

Recent legislation has tightened definitions of employment and tax status for self-employed professionals and their prospective employers. Penelope Rance explores employment trends and looks at IR35 legislation.

Being more attractive to your staff

Recognising what staff want from work is becoming increasingly complex, and companies wanting to attract and retain the best need to be smarter when recruiting and developing people. Paul Golden looks deeper, while industry players cast an informed eye on some key areas.

OK Computer

The increasing sophistication of artificial intelligence is bringing virtual assistants closer to business and daily life. Nina Bryant looks at the technology and the psychology behind the phenomenon.

7 tips to boost your productivity

The failure of the UK economy to regain historic levels of productivity has been a significant theme of the post-recession recovery, but the myriad theories on its cause make finding a solution difficult.

How To Network Your Way To Success

The ability to network effectively is a skill that many business members say they need, but few feel that it is one they have mastered. ICAEW has worked with Paul Ryan, from Improve on You, to offer members the opportunity to develop their networking and public speaking skills.

Shiny happy people

It can be easy to fall into a rut, but the first sign could be a reduction in your energy levels. Coach John Niland explains how you can revive yourself and others by learning to recognise the signals.


Access our article on employee ownership and talent management resources.