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What does not kill you

There is nothing like failure for teaching hard lessons. A new book by Michel Driessen, Anna Faelten and Scott Moeller looks at why deals have failed – and crucially, how to avoid the pitfalls in the future.

Proceed with care

Selling a niche care business is no simple operation. Christian Schosland explains the details of the £20m deal.

Fighting fit

As long as the public keeps spending on leisure, it will remain a hotbed of M&A. Grant Murgatroyd looks at a UK sector that’s in rude health.

In China's hands

The great haul of China continues apace as Chinese outbound M&A reaches new heights. Will it continue, or are cracks beginning to appear? David Prosser reports.

New kids on the block

It is like the Gold Rush when it comes to investors looking at M&A opportunities in blockchain. But what is it and how does it work?

Keeping cool

Supporting a buy-and-build strategy for a chilled food business with seasonal working capital required flexible funding. Paul Rablen explains how.

Swimming not sinking

Every August most of Europe has a break – and I suspect this year many people in the UK will have taken that as an opportunity to think about what happens next after the result of the 23 June referendum.

The road to somewhere Neu

In June the UK voted to leave the EU, with far-reaching implications for the nation. But what will this mean for corporate financiers? What will it mean for private equity, early-stage investing or M&A? And how will debt and equity capital markets adapt? We asked several senior members of the Corporate Finance Faculty for their views.

South Westward Ho

The South West has a strong corporate finance community that has seen an uptick in deal volumes postrecession. And it has exceeded the rest of the UK, says Christian Annesley.

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