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Meet in the middle

Private equity may have developed across Europe, but the industry’s coverage remains patchy. Many firms now claim to be pan- European, but how true is it that there is one big private equity market? Vicky Meek reports

Growing pains

Jason Sinclair takes a look at the trends and challenges for the UK’s growing businesses.

Never take no for an answer

When the vendors of a business are set on a trade sale, it takes compelling arguments to persuade them otherwise. Brian Bollen looks at the sale of Abbey Logistics, whose advisers, EY, found that a NorthEdge-backed MBO was the better route to take.

Straight up low down

Brexit means Brexit, right? So why are fund managers, private equity investors and corporate finance advisers going through the permutations of how the UK parts company with the EU? Ingrid Tighe gives her insight.

Negotiating the exit

Ross Butler, director at Ten50, looks at the consequences for private equity of the different interpretations of Brexit.

Life after VCTs

Private equity is all about investing, exiting – and fundraising. So what happens when your main source of capital is cut off? Ashley Broomberg explains to Marc Mullen how Mobeus Equity Partners adapted to big restrictions on VCTs.

China Calling

The sale by 3i of Mayborn, owner of Tommee Tippee baby bottles, to Chinese consumer group Jahwa for about £300m, shows the continuing interest from the East in UK brands, as well as a textbook international growth story. Brian Bollen reports.

Canada Dry Powder

New York, Toronto, Istanbul, Amsterdam, London... and Watford. Mark Redman’s career in private equity has taken him all over the globe. He talks to Marc Mullen about what’s next.

Home and away

Having sold five businesses to international corporates in the past two years, Ashley Broomberg shares tips for attracting overseas interest

New Relations

Changes to partnership law in the UK have been a long time coming. What will it mean for VC, private equity and other closed-ended funds? Rob Mailer looks at the implications.

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