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Finance and Management Faculty special reports

An in-depth look at a major topic, written by specialists in each area. Replaced the previous Management Quarterly and Good Practice Guidelines series.

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Special report 49: Skills and Productivity

This report provides the background and some explanations of the issues surrounding UK productivity including articles by leading think tanks and economists exploring the background and possible reasons for the UK's relatively poor performance.

Special report 48: Budgeting

The role of budgets and budgeting is fundamental to planning business ventures. We hope that this report will provide you with a practical and interesting guide to budgeting.

Special report 47: Smarter business planning

Creating a written business plan offers the opportunity for an enterprise to clarify and understand it's objectives before exposing them to a wider group. This report will help to draw up your plans and offer some ideas which you haven't considered.

Special report 45: Risk and recovery

From how the ISO can assist with risk assessments to dealing with insurance claims, this practical and useful report provides guidance to this topic of concern to us all.

Special report 42: Starting a business

This report highlights the issues which you might face in the first year of operating a new business so that you might be in a stronger position to know how to deal with them. It is aimed at those seeking to work for themselves, but it should also be of assistance to those looking to improve their business performance.

Special report 40: Financial fraud

Financial Fraud: What it is, practical steps to reduce the likelihood of occurrence and how to minimise damage from the repercussions.