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Cost management

Articles, reports and other resources that enable accountants in business to make a real difference to their organisations by providing them with practical information on the latest thinking in cost management.

Doing more with less

Due to the challenges 2016 has presented, business leaders have the hard job of cost optimisation. The Hackett Group shares some ways to cut costs without causing a catastrophe.

Buying into change

Better procurement used to mean just cutting costs, but today businesses find innovation and collaboration are the key to improved efficiency.

Smart cuts

Managing and cutting costs remain right at the top of management’s agenda. Andrew Wileman describes how to do this intelligently.

Spending smart

Now that technology provides so much assistance, organising business travel need not be a chore. Here’s how you can reduce the fuss – and the cost – of corporate trips.

Internal audit - Members opinions

In the February issue of Finance & Management, we published an article by Robin Pritchard, of the Centre for Internal Audit, Risk Management and Governance at Birmingham City University. The piece focused on the need for audit committees to demand more of their internal audit function, and for internal audit to take a more proactive role in the business.

Hospitable me

Entertaining clients can be essential to sealing the deal, but it's a marketing expense that must be monitored and justified. Martin Finn asks how best to wine and dine on account.

Why don't back-office efficiency drives work?

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A granular look at back-office operations shows why across-the board cuts make no sense. Marco Ferber, Jürgen Geiger and Klaus Kunkel explain.

Improving undocumented processes

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In most organisations there are hidden opportunities to reduce costs and create spare capacity. Finance can – with employees’ help – uncover and exploit these, as Brian Plowman explains.

Keep your showers tepid even when the boiler is back on

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The tight cost controls imposed out of necessity in tough times, are also a good idea when conditions improve, says Simon Hill. Below he outlines his top tips for retaining those finance ‘good hygiene’ habits.

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