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Advice on pensions 

The contact details to get in touch with NHS pensions with any queries:

Members +44 (0)3003 301 346
+44 (0)3003 301 353
Annual Allowance
Scheme Access (federations etc)

The legislation with regards to Federations and subcontracting of contracts to GP practices and the ability to pension the income is can be found at:


Small GMS practices

It is important for practices of two or three partners to be aware of some issues raised by the General Medical Services (GMS) contract when partners come or go. This is what you need to know.

CQC inspections into GP practices

The first 12 clinical commissioning group areas to be inspected under the CQC’s new general practice inspection regime between April and June have been announced:

Reducing practice costs

Many practices are fighting to prevent a serious drop in profits. Now more than ever, practice managers need to explore new income streams and tighten up spending to a level that will enable increased profitability but not compromise quality of care.

Incorporation of GP practices

Is it a good idea to incorporate a GP practice? Oliver Pool examines this question from a solicitor’s point of view.

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