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Data handling

Do you have trouble keeping up-to-date with the latest changes in Excel or not had time to attend formal training courses?

This section of the website provides advice and guidance to help you improve data handling, covering functions such as data validation, sorting and filtering, date and time, text, lookup and reference, logical and information, named ranges and macros.

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New Excel functions since 2013

Excel's built-in functions could me the key to winning the spreadsheet battle. Simon Hurst selects those to consider adding to your arsenal.

Spreadsheet competency

By utilising some of the more advanced features of Excel, productivity can be increased significantly. Simon Hurst highlights how this can be achieved.

Simple ways to improve efficiences in practice

It might be just the 30 years of banging my head against a particularly hard wall, but I always feel the need to emphasise that better spreadsheet skills are not only relevant to geeks, nerds, boffins and gurus, or whatever term to use for people who understand the difference between A1 and $A$1.

Finding Errors and Issues part 2

Although the built-in error tools in Excel can be useful, Simon Hurst considers some of the other tools and features available.

Finding errors and issues

Simon Hurst considers some ways to track down errors in Excel, starting with the built-in error-checking tools.

Making data entry easier - data validation

In the last extended article we looked at some Excel options and features that help with entering data into Excel. We also made the point that Excel might not be the best application to use for extensive data entry in view of its inherent lack of structure.


David Lyford-Smith considers whether the annual ModelOff event has value to the everyday user, or whether it is solely for Excel specialists

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