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IT Faculty

The IT Faculty provides a comprehensive and accessible package of guidance and technical advice to help you stay ahead of the rest.

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Keep up-to-date with IT issues and developments.

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Chartech is the bi-monthly news magazine from the IT faculty.


Cyber resource centre

Cybercrime has become a major global business concern.


Getting started

While many businesses may recognise the risks around cyber security, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Risk and return

No security can ever be fully effective and businesses have to prioritise resources on the basis of risk.

thought leadership trust

In order to sustain value from IT systems, individuals and organisations need to have confidence in the security of sensitive information, as well as how it is being used and shared.

Excel Community

A one-stop shop for those who want to use spreadsheets better and reduce risk.

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Excel is one of the most popular end-user tools in the accountant’s portfolio. Spreadsheets enable us to quickly and flexibly perform analysis that otherwise would be difficult or time-consuming; however, there is a tendency to place undue trust in them.

Business systems software

Helping members select and implement the most suitable software and systems.


Heads in the cloud | Chartech

With continual advances in technology, transferring business software to the cloud is a trend on the increase. But is it for you? Four businesses talk about their experience of transition.

Making information systems work

Making Information Systems Work is about the successful application of IT by business and government. It supports informed debate and practice on the basis of three themes –value, trust and standards.

Right on time?

Notwithstanding the teething problems with HMRC’s Real Time Information project, organisations need to make sure their software is ready for its imminent arrival. BASDA’s advice is sound – and Richard Young has been asking around for other practical tips, too...

Will you move to Windows 8?

Windows 8 has arrived, after a long public gestation period, in which it has been possible to download and work with pre-release versions...

IT management

Achieve value from IT systems and managing the risks associated with them.

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IT management

IT management covers the full lifecycle of systems, from the initial decision to invest in a system through its operational life until it is no longer needed and ultimately decommissioned.


News, opinion pieces and case studies to keep up to date with new technologies.

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XBRL publications

Electronic communication: how to create and use tagged accounts.

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XBRL, or eXtensible Business Reporting Language, is a method of communicating and processing business information electronically.

Newly qualified

Free electronic membership of the ICAEW IT Faculty for up to two years.

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IT Faculty membership

As a newly qualified member of ICAEW you are entitled to free electronic membership of the ICAEW IT Faculty for up to two years.

About the Faculty

How the faculty is managed and run.

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IT Faculty Committees

The IT Faculty's staff at ICAEW report to the IT Faculty Committee. The faculty's Technical Committee and the Excel Community Advisory Committee also report to the IT Faculty Committee.