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IT management

Good IT management is essential to achieving value from IT systems and managing the risks associated with them. IT management covers the full lifecycle of systems, from the initial decision to invest in a system through its operational life until it is no longer needed and ultimately decommissioned.

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The IT faculty has a wide range of materials on IT governance, audit and controls, compliance issues related to IT and management issues such as IT outsourcing and service management.

Data backup solutions

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This guide considers the business benefits of backup, including the specific advantages it can deliver in terms of business continuity, disaster recovery, and other areas.

Four corners

Embedding IT governance into your organisation can’t be done overnight, but with an understanding of the building blocks, the benefits will be much easier for your board to see, says Alan Calder.

Developing a social media policy

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Today it is no longer practicable to ban the use of social media at work. For that reason, employers should take an enlightened approach and put in place policies that actively manage opportunity and risk. This helpsheet sets out how this might be achieved and complements the IT Faculty guide Social media and the law. The helpsheet takes into account modern working practices, which might also include bringing outside contractors and consultants into the working environment.

Developing a digital marketing strategy

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The evolution from traditional marketing towards an online digital world is happening now and businesses that understand this and implement changes to their marketing programmes to take account of it will open up new channels of communications with their target audience, providing additional opportunities to engage. This guide provides an overview of the digital terminology involved, describes the options available and explains how they fit together.

Digital transformations

This year’s PD Leake lecture, hosted by the IT and Finance and Management Faculties, asked how digital information was transforming business. Kirstin Gillon went along to find out.

Developing a bring your own device strategy

This guide is aimed primarily at SME organisations that need an overview of what BYOD actually is, how it can be used to the organisation's advantage and how to start developing their own BYOD and mobile strategy for using and managing mobile devices successfully within their own business.

Island life

Living in a remote location can present accountants with more than their fair share of technical challenges. Nicola Granger talks about overcoming the limitations of working in the Falkland Islands.

Brace yourselves

When a disaster hits, businesses want to know that there is a plan in place to get them back on track. Sam De Silva outlines how business continuity plans can help deal with disruptions.

Digital dogma

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Big IT projects create huge opportunities for government. But they need delicate handling, as Kirstin Gillon reports...

Millions lack basic online skills

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A report has suggested that 16 million people living in the UK don’t have basic online skills. This might seem a shocking figure to anyone whose everyday life involves working with computers and the internet...

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