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Four corners

Embedding IT governance into your organisation can’t be done overnight, but with an understanding of the building blocks, the benefits will be much easier for your board to see, says Alan Calder.

The corporate governance of IT is about four things: transparency, IT risk management, accountability and IT performance optimisation. Embedding an IT governance culture in an organisation is a change project requiring time, senior management commitment and a clear strategy.

There are four areas on which the IT governance practitioner should focus in an effort to embed effective IT governance: board structure, communication and staff awareness, internal control framework plus performance measurement.

Board structure

Appointing the CIO to the board who reports to the CEO is the clearest possible signal to the business as a whole that IT is fundamental to business performance. The CIO does need to be capable of bridging technology and business (so a business qualification is a must) and should be accountable for delivering IT performance. The board should be supported by a board IT governance committee, and IT performance should be a standard part of every
board agenda.

This is an extract from an article in the January/February 2015 edition of Chartech, the magazine of the IT Faculty.

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