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On the Road Again

Lesley Meall looks at the automation of expenses management and the challenges that accountants may face.

In the October 2015 edition of Chartech, we wrote: “Software is getting smarter while mobile devices are getting smaller and more powerful. Even the most complex, manual, and multi-faceted processes in finance and accounting can now be automated, including travel and expenses (T&E) management. It is only a matter of time (rather than a question of technology) before we can all be blessed with T&E reports that create themselves.”

It is not usual to begin two articles in the same way. However, in this instance it is expedient, because the previous article laid the foundations for this one. It looked at the emerging possibilities in the automation of expenses management; highlighted some of the potential benefits for accountants in business and practice; and outlined some of the technology-related factors that may inform decisions about which software, systems and services you select to provide the infrastructure this automation will require.

This article picks up where its predecessor left off and digs deeper into the automation of expenses management (and related bookkeeping and accounting processes), by sharing some of the barriers and challenges that accountants (and some of their clients) are experiencing as they head off down the road towards this brave new world of automation.

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