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The essentials guide to data analytics

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This guide is designed to help alleviate some of the fears that lie behind the inertia on data analytics. There is information about how to get started using the resources you already have or to find out about others, and case studies to show how using data analytics has helped some practices already.

Data as an asset

David Lyford-Smith considers how best to value the UK’s data economy, assessing the key issues and challenges which arise when valuing data.

Double-edged swords

Keeping your skills up to date in the face of fast-changing technology developments can be a struggle, but chartered accountants are well placed to rise to the challenge, says Lesley Meall.

Tax goes digital around the world

In a new paper from the IT Faculty, David Lyford-Smith looks at how different nations have introduced digital methods into their tax administration.

Working on a doc in the bay

Kirstin Gillon reports from Silicon Valley, where accountants’ flexibility and data analysis capabilities are ensuring their continued relevance.

The future of payments

The last five years have seen major shifts in how consumers pay for goods and services. With the internet and e-commerce (electronic commerce) continuing its meteoric rise, and smartphones offering a myriad of new ways to pay, businesses and their accounting partners have had to adapt to this new world of e-payments (Electronic Payments), as consumers continue to demand new ways to pay.

Introduction to social media

Knowing how to build appropriate strategies around the key social platforms and implement and monitor them, can provide small and medium-sized firms with a highly cost-effective way of communicating.

Thoughts that Count

As technology develops, people are starting to realise that it is very important to be tech-savvy in business. Tim Philips explains why this is.

Set in Stone

Blockchain is considered as the system behind nefarious darknet transactions by some, but a source of innovation by others. David Lyford-Smith chips away the confusion.

The future, now

From computers that fit in your pocket to a jet over 10 times faster than Concorde, here is the latest in futuristic hardware and software.

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