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Personal insolvency casework

The resources in this section support the work of ICAEW licensed insolvency practitioners and their staff who undertake formal personal insolvency appointments under the Insolvency Act 1986 (and associated legislation).

There is also general information about the types of personal insolvency that may assist individuals experiencing debt problems.

Helpsheets, checklists and creditors' guides relating specifically to personal insolvency appointments are available. The helpsheets and checklists provide guidance on bankruptcy and individual voluntary arrangements.

IVA Protocol

The IVA protocol is a voluntary framework for dealing with straightforward consumer-based IVAs, aimed at increasing trust and confidence between the participants in an IVA and also improving the efficiency of the IVA process.

Helpsheets and checklists

England and Wales - post-April 2010


This guidance is also relevant in corporate insolvency cases and is available as a corporate insolvency resource too.