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General Personal Development

Articles, reports and other resources that enable accountants in business to make a real difference to their organisations by providing them with practical information on the latest thinking in personal development.

The people's champions

What challenges do public sector and government FDs face? Christian Doherty asks those in the know.

Moving on up

With senior talent in abundance but a lack of available roles for all, David Craik asks the experts how best to stay at the top of the senior finance career ladder.

The good life

The charity and volunteering sector undeniably helps millions of people in difficulty, therefore good management is crucial. David Adams speaks to FDs in the sector to find out what it takes to be successful.

Powering through

Overcoming stress could be a case of managing energy levels. Andy Shambrook addresses ways in which this could be done.

Joining the club

In the third of the series looking at FDs in different businesses Christian Doherty talks to those involved in partnerships

Mind games

Mindfulness is marketed to us as a commodity that will solve our stress problems. But, asks Nigel Hastilow, is this really the case?

Choose life

There is no such thing as work-life balance, just life. Andy Shambrook explores the reasons we should ditch work and find happiness.

Speaking up

We have something to say, but the prospect of facing an audience makes us break out into a sweat. Yet fear of public speaking doesn’t have to hijack your career, says Paul Ryan, as he shares ways to grapple with our demons.

Personal development - For the journey

Deciding to change jobs and embarking on the search for your dream role can be a daunting process. But with some dedication, planning and advice, it needn’t be, says Mark Craddock.

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