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Emotional intelligence - crucial to success?

Philip Gimmack argues that emotional intelligence is a crucial ingredient to personal and business success, while James A Runde explains how it can transform your career.

I was an accountant once, a long time ago; but I’ve reformed. People sometimes comment ‘you’ve moved a long way from finance, Philip’. Well actually, I don’t believe I have. I began my career counting things and trying to extract the most value from data to render it useful information – an exercise in awareness-building and management.

I then built IT financial management systems to automate the capture and manipulation of data and sophisticated reporting to create more value, so to speak. All these relate to building awareness and better management, focusing on and bringing out the value for improving performance; only now I do this for the most important resource, for people.

I help develop people’s intelligence around emotions. These qualities include awareness of self and others (empathy), management of self and others including flexibility, assertiveness and impulse control and positive beliefs including self-regard and optimism.

This is an extract from the Finance & Management Magazine, Issue 251, February 2017.

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