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Hit the Ground Running

Hit the Ground Running was a series of roundtable events that addressed the challenges facing graduates and how UK employers can nurture this new talent to turn them into professional chartered accountants.

The following report outlines the outcome of these roundtables:

What was Hit the Ground Running?

Hit the Ground Running was two roundtable events hosted by our Learning and Professional Development team. It provided an insight into the challenges faced by UK organisations as they support graduates in their transition to becoming chartered accountants.

Why was it important?

It is essential to understand the challenges faced by our clients across all sectors of the economy. This enabled us to take a leading role in providing support and advice where it was needed.

Generation Y and the workplace

With a new generation of individuals now dominating the graduate market, it is important to understand the behaviour and motivational drivers that graduates bring into the workplace.

Generation Y enter the workplace with a level of self confidence and desire for immediate success. In a period of economic instability, managing the expectations of this generation is a major factor in the successful initiation and integration of new trainees into the accountancy arena.

Changing face of the UK talent pool

The discussions hosted by us have provided a valuable insight into the current climate and the changing face of the UK talent pool. The report is well timed given the current economic climate, as a downturn in the economy will increase the importance of effective recruitment and training models.