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Coffee culture

Can going for a coffee with contacts really transform your Influence? It’s a good start, says Andy Shambrook.

Something I have noticed during the course of training people in finance, sales and marketing is that whatever you do in life, it is always ‘selling’; influencing someone to choose you, your ideas or your products and services. But how is real influence won?

Build strong relationships

The first and most important step is to build a strong enough relationship with those you want to influence. As a business partner you might want to go for a coffee with the sales or marketing director and get to know them on a personal level. The same plan might work for a salesperson wanting to influence their customers.

As a marketer you may want to reach your consumers. It’s hard (and expensive) to go for a coffee with your entire target market. So you might reach them through social media, giving them content they value for free. Or by buying some of them a coffee at consumer listening sessions.

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