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Team players

Getting the right mix of people in your team can be a near-impossible task. Christian Doherty considers whose job it is to recruit the right mix, and talks to former Avon HR director Anne Gill about which tools she used to recruit the perfect team.

As any football manager will agree, getting the right blend is critical in successfully structuring a team. A team solely comprised of individualists will soon run into trouble, while one based on constant consultation and without necessary leadership is unlikely to deliver timely and insightful decision-making.

Given that the best staff will expect to be deployed in ways that nurture and develop their talent, ensuring teams are staffed with the right balance of skills is one of the more esoteric but critical parts of the CFO’s job.

No matter how close the relationship between the functions is, identifying and nurturing talent is not something that the CFO can outsource entirely to HR. Indeed, to do that leaves the CFO in a weak position if skills gaps emerge.

But are senior finance executives putting talent management and team building high enough on their agenda? A recent EY survey suggested there is further to go.

Among the survey respondents, 82% agreed CFOs have a duty to mentor and coach potential replacements within their company. “It’s a core function of the CFO role to make sure that you have capability in the organisation, and that you get involved in that at all levels,” said Helen Kilpatrick, director-general of financial and commercial at the UK Home Office.

This is an extract from the Finance & Management Magazine, Issue 217, January 2014.

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