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ICAEW supports the Global Goals

The UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development aim to transform our world by 2030. Learn about this ambitious vision and discover how you can get involved.

The Global Goals aim to end poverty, combat climate change and fight injustice and inequality.

These are massive problems with no easy solutions. It's going to be a huge challenge, and it’s one that ICAEW is committed to supporting.

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ICAEW members have a vital role to play

  • The actions businesses take will be critical to translating this vision into a new reality.
  • As countries measure progress on the goals, the accountancy profession will have a major role in aligning measurement systems.
  • The profession has a proven record of building strong local institutions – essential for achieving the goals.

17 goals: the most important issues

UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Read our guest blogs

Our community pages are hosting special guest blogs written by senior figures from business, charities, and NGOs discussing the key issues, targets and progress so far.

Get involved

ICAEW's Royal Charter places on us a duty to act in the public interest, and the goals are the vision of the world that the world wants by 2030. We want to build collaborative partnerships to galvanise every business by reaching every chartered accountant.

To explore how you can contribute to the Global Goals, contact Richard Spencer, Head of Sustainability or Francesca Sharp, Sustainability Manager.

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