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About the Tax Faculty

We make representations to Government on behalf of the entire ICAEW membership. Our unique position means we meet senior politicians, HMRC and Treasury representatives face-to-face. We have over 130 volunteers, many well known names in the tax world, who help us with our work.

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Tax Faculty

Tax is a fast-moving and ever-changing world. We offer guidance and support so you can offer the best advice on tax legislation to your clients or business. Join today.

TAXline magazine

Monthly magazine, providing briefings, practical points and news.

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TAXline is our monthly magazine for members. It provides planning points from a wide range of contributors. It includes detailed briefings on specific topics, book and product reviews and faculty news and events. Each month's editorial is available to all.

Latest Tax news

Read the latest Tax news and share your views with fellow members.


Latest news

Read the latest news articles written by the ICAEW Tax Faculty and share your views with fellow members.

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Technical guidance from the Tax Faculty.

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TAXguides are published by ICAEW Tax Faculty to provide practical guidance to members on important developments to tax practice and policy.

Webinars and other videos

If you missed our previous webinars, you can listen to the recordings.

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Tax Faculty Events 2017

Stay up-to-date with the fast moving world of tax by attending our events in 2017.

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Tax Faculty Events

Stay up-to-date with the fast moving world of tax by attending our events in 2017.

Faculty schemes

Schemes available exclusively to Tax Faculty members, including the Referral scheme.

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Tax Faculty schemes

Schemes for Tax Faculty members: referral scheme; joint advisory scheme; valuations advice scheme; and special advocacy scheme.


Tax Faculty responses to consultation exercises.

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Tax representations

Our responses to consultation exercises by revenue departments.

Working with HMRC

Help for tax advisers – useful ICAEW and HMRC contacts and links, all in one place.


Working with HMRC

Help for tax advisers – useful ICAEW and HMRC contacts and links, all in one place.

HMRC's Digital developments

The background and latest news on HMRC's digital developments including links to ICAEW guidance.

Real Time Information (RTI)

How Real Time Information (RTI) will change the way employers report payroll information.

TAXguide 07/17: Useful HMRC contact information

Including telephone numbers, email facilities, postal addresses and useful HMRC website links, together with a number of tips. This guide seeks to help direct you quickly to the part of HMRC you need for resolving issues and to advise on the best method of contact to use. This guide is updated on a regular basis.

HMRC toolkits

Learn about the HMRC toolkits that provide guidance on areas of error frequently seen in tax returns.

TAXtools 3: Paying tax

This ICAEW Tax Faculty guide summarises the different methods of paying tax over to HMRC. It is not intended to cover other means of paying tax such as coding adjustments. It also touches briefly on what taxpayers can do if they cannot pay.

TAXtools 4: Making complaints

You may sometimes find yourself in the position of having to make a complaint to or about HMRC. ICAEW Tax Faculty has produced this guide to help you through this process.

TAXguide 10/17: Tax rates, allowances and reliefs

This guide (formerly known as TAXtools 5) provides a summary of key tax rates, allowances and reliefs for 2016/17 and 2017/18. It includes information relevant for members both in practice and in business in an easy-to-use format.

Governance, Constitution and AGM

Information on the committee members of the Tax Faculty, the constitution and AGM.


Tax Faculty governance

View the committee members who oversee the work of the Tax Faculty.