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Breathing space

Having admitted that plans to move all businesses to quarterly digital tax returns by 2018 were ambitious, the government has extended the timescale for its Making Tax Digital for Business (MTDfB) project. But while many in the profession – and those among their clients aware of the changes – heaved a sigh of relief, this is no time for resting on proverbial laurels.

Counting on technology

Lesley Meall looks at how career development in accounting – and the ACA qualification itself – is changing to reflect how our world has been altered by tech.

Symphony of Data

Leanne Kemp explains to Nina Bryant how Everledger’s implementation of blockchain in the diamond industry is lighting the way for other sectors.

Are robots taking our jobs?

People ridiculed the Luddites for opposing technological change that ultimately created new work, but did they have a point? Moshe Y Vardi examines the economic indicators for today.

Intelligent thinking

As the application of artificial intelligence takes hold across the financial sector, Richard Kemp investigates what legal issues this raises.

Think big

In his speech to the Corporate Reporting Users' Forum, former ICAEW president Andrew Ratcliffe shared his thoughts on how developments in artificial intelligence and analytics might soon shape audit.

Superhero capes at the ready

Accounting practices will be at the forefront of preparing microbusinesses and sole traders for their making tax digital obligations.

The essential guide to data analytics

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This guide is designed to help alleviate some of the fears that lie behind the inertia on data analytics. There is information about how to get started using the resources you already have or to find out about others, and case studies to show how using data analytics has helped some practices already.

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